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Lost…Found on YouTube

The Lost it.will.blow.your.mind series finale extravaganza airs Sunday night, and what better way to celebrate the end of an era than to watch a bunch of Lost YouTube videos. Below are the best ones I came across (in random order–and some of them do contain spoilers)…enjoy!


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Caught on tape: Americans in their sweats, watching TV

I came across a pretty funny posting where a website compiled some YouTube videos of Adam Lambert fans and their reactions to Kris Allen winning this season’s American Idol.  And as hilarious as they are to watch–the screaming, the shocked expressions, all the jumping up and down–what I found most bizarre about this whole thing is that so many people had video cameras rolling while they watched the AI finale.  Weird?  Yes? No? I think yes.

Ok, I get filming your kids, the pets, events, vacations, etc.  But putting the camera next to your TV, watching you while you watch TV.  What??? Am I missing something here? Are we so obsessed with reality television that we want to know what it feels like to be filmed doing just ordinary boring things like watching…reality television. Really? Please, someone, enlighten me.

(unless of course, these are staged reactions, and people just replayed their DVRs or whatevs just for the hell of it…if that’s the case then my alternate soap box comment would be:

Anyway, below is one of the YouTube videos (warning: put the sound on low before pressing play) click here to get to the original compilation.

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