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VH1’s Princess Rehab

Most of the reality shows airing these days make my eyes bleed, especially those that feature privileged/wealthy people acting like a-holes. But wait…what if there was a reality show about privileged/wealthy a-holes who had their credit cards taken away, were forced to move out of their parent’s mansion, and actually had to work for a living? Yes, please!

VH1‘s You’re Cut Off premiered last week, and it is one of those awesome bait and switch reality shows—nine spoiled rich women, each think they have signed up for a reality show celebrating their wealthy lifestyles, but instead they are financially cut off.

With nowhere to go, they all move into a house together, and under the direction of their Host and Life Coach, Laura Baron, they have to learn to cook, clean, and work (referred to as “princess rehab”). They also have to participate in weekly group sessions, where they are expected to “take an honest look at themselves.” Drama ensues, and so do the ridiculous soundbites: “I decided to allow the girls to wear my tiaras because if I were them I’d want to be like me too.” “Erica just has nothing between her ears, except botox and lip injections.”“You are in the wilderness, stop trying to look hot!”

Yes, a part of me likes this show because it makes for good TV watching rich spoiled women lose control over stupid petty things, and freak out about normal stuff the rest of us do on a daily basis. But the other part of me appreciates the message tucked underneath all the screaming and crying: it’s not the end of the world to cut back, DIY, reprioritize, and to have some self-respect.

You’re Cut Off airs Wednesday nights at 9/8c. Click here for more info/video clips.


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