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TV round up, six-word edition

Ryan from The O.C. is back on TV, and yes, he brought along his expressive brow

Ryan from "The O.C." is back on TV, and YES he brought along his highly expressive brow and melt-your-heart eyes

I want to cover some TV stuff, but I’m kind of on a tight schedule today, so we are going to try something different/fun, and sum everything up in six words.  (Unfortunately, I can’t take credit for the six word thing, that’s actually quite popular all over the place.)

Fringe…Been watching, been growing on me

Better Off Ted…Hilarious, Portia is enchanting, quirkiness galore

Kings…Ambitious, Ian McShane outshines once again

The Unusuals…Amber shows promise, but that’s it

Southland…Compelling, O.C.’s Ryan continues to captivate

The Office…I heart Michael Scott Paper Company


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ABC giveth cool cop show, then taketh away cool cop show, then giveth another seemingly cool-looking cop show

marsMy question is: why can’t we have both?? It’s not like we don’t have 12 CSI’s and 74 Law & Orders!! Obviously American’s are cool with repetitive television programming!

Sometimes I wonder what those TV execs put in their champagne and caviar when they decide to cancel shows that are appealing, well done and actually interesting.

Exhibit A: Life on Mars

Now, I know I’ve said that Life on Mars can be confusing, but it’s also really compelling and grows on you if you give it an episode or two. Also, it has consistently provided outstanding performances from Harvey Keitel, Michael Imperioli, Gretchen Mol, Jonathan Murphy, and Jason O’Mara as the series’ protagonist, Sam Tyler. And it takes place in 1970s New York City: dingy, long-haired/side-burned, leather-jacket wearing, gut-punching, graffiti-covered New York City. It’s part science fiction, part classic cop show, with a rockin’ soundtrack to boot. Given the enormous popularity of AMC’s Mad Men, and the desire for retro pop culture, you would think ABC would hold onto this era-loving series awhile longer and see what kind of mileage they could get out of it.

But nope.

Instead, they will be premiering another cop show, The Unusuals, which also includes a notable cast, Adam Goldberg, Amber Tamblyn and Harold Perrineau (Michael from Lost), as NYC cops. Yet sadly, not the NYC as described above.


I of course will have to check it out because it does look interesting, well, at least the promos make it seem like it will be cool. But with one episode left of Life on Mars, I’m already missing Michael Imperioli’s handlebar mustache.

Below is a very brief promo for Life on Mars…and I suggest if you haven’t already checked out the show that you catch all the episodes on before they go bye-bye. Following that is a brief promo for The Unusuals.

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