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…Pop Culture Bites…Pop Culture Bites…Pop Culture Bites…

  • Those Jersey Shore-loving kids at MTV finally got around to taking that whole “Music Television” part off their logo AND they kind of figured out how to make the “M” part disappear too. *sniff* —  The Wrap
  • Jack Bauer will be taking his 24 hours of chaos/drama/hell/terror to the big screen. — Variety
  • Playgirl magazine has been web-only for the past year, until now, thanks to Sarah Palin’s daughter’s baby daddy, Levi Johnston and his, er, assets, which apparently are worthy of actually being printed. — FishbowlNY
  • So the search for Simon’s replacement on American Idol continues…will it be Howard Stern? Tommy Mottola? Guy Oseary? Wouldn’t it make things a lot more interesting if the contenders had to audition on TV/beg America to vote for them? — Radar Online, NY Daily News

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Everybody needs to calm down

image source: eonline

Sheesh! It’s only Thursday, and already this week we’ve heard about three new celebrity feuds and a flare up of one already in progress…

  • Martha Stewart v. Rachael Ray… both are known to be decent cooks and they each have a syndicated talk show. But apparently Martha thinks she’s better. My take=since neither of them have offered to cook for me, I’m going to go with the “annoying” factor, and Martha is definitely less annoying. — Eonline
  • Charlie Gibson v. Diane Sawyer...Charlie is retiring from ABC World News and he’s totally PO’ed that Diane will be replacing him. He’s been known to give her “the stink-eye” and “he bad-mouths her openly and often.” My take=I’ve met Diane Sawyer, and trust me, there is nothing about her that warrants stink-eye treatment. —NY Post
  • Kirstie Alley v. Conan O’Brien…according to reports, Conan made some fat jokes about Kirstie on his show. She twittered to her pal Star Jones over it, and cluttered twitter feeds everywhere with, “that guy acts like I bit his d*** off.” My take=Kirstie has a new show in production for A&E, she knows how the publicity thing works. — US Weekly
  • Levi v. Sarah v. Levi v. Sarah…this one’s been going on for awhile now, but with Sarah’s new book and her appearance on Oprah this week, we were reminded of the tension between the former VP candidate and her daughter’s baby daddy. My take=the two of them are famewhores and have worked out an agreement, I bring you up when my book comes out and you bring me up when your naked pictures come out. — People

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I’m just sayin’…

In case you were on a deserted island for Labor Day Weekend, this is Presidential hopeful John McCain’s VP pick (or, as the media these days prefers to say, “a heartbeat away from the presidency”), super-duper conservative Alaska Gov Sarah Palin:
When I first caught a glimpse of her I was like, whoa, that hair! Then those pictures of her posing with guns trickled around the Internet, as well as that perky black and white pageant photo and I was like OMG, she’s a splitting image of GLADYS LEEMAN!!
I am of course referring to Kirstie Alley’s best film role ever, in the fun little flick, Drop Dead Gorgeous where she portrays a pushy, conservative, former beauty queen stage mom living in a small town who will stop at nothing to win.
Besides sharing the same hairstyle, there are other ways that Sarah so reminds me of Gladys.  But to prevent getting sued for anything, I’ll just let the movie illustrate the similarities.
BEFORE YOU PRESS PLAY: For some reason I am having technical difficulties, so I have to embed the whole damn clip (first 10 minutes of the film).  Here are the important “omigod, you are so right!” parts to forward/pay attention to: [2:43-3:45] & [7:44-8:54]

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