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  • America hearts burned spies! The fourth season premiere of Burn Notice was record-breaking. — The Hollywood Reporter
  • Sounds like Sandra Bullock stole the show at last night’s MTV Movie Awards. — People
  • Speaking of Sandra, she shocked everyone with a surprise appearance at the Spike TV’s Guys Choice Awards. Go Team Sandra! — E!
  • Something tells me the new Harry Potter theme park (opening later this month in Orlando) will magically help America’s sagging economy. — NY Daily News
  • Oh thank goodness! Somebody found one of the Jaws prop sharks. — Yahoo
  • In other movie prop news…someone, with a serious case of attention to detail, put together a photo montage revealing that the same prop newspaper has been used in several films and TV shows. — /Film

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  • The  guy (Isaiah Mustafa) from the Old Spice ads made it onto People’s Most Beautiful List! And so did Gloria from Modern Family! But ugh, so did that Justin Bieber character. That kid is everywhere, and it’s driving me bananas. Someone please for the love of anything make him take a vacation or something. — My Fashion Juice
  • The latest in Sandra Bullock News: she’s filed for divorce. — EW
  • Her idiot soon-to-be ex-husband responds. — People
  • Courtney Love opens her mouth again. — US
  • Remember Sean Young? Way before the internet and cell phones she was on her way to becoming a promising film actress (Blade Runner, No Way Out, Wall Street). Then she starred in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, and everything seemed to go downhill from there. — Soapnet

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And the winner is…

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The 82nd Annual Academy Awards proved to be a historical one, with Kathryn Bigelow winning Best Director (The Hurt Locker), the first woman to ever win in that category. And the other milestone? Sandra Bullock won for Best Actress (The Blind Side), after picking up (in person) the Razzie Award for Worst Performance (All About Steve), becoming the first actor to ever win an Oscar and a Razzie in the same year.

I have to say I really enjoyed this year’s telecast. LOVED Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin as co-hosts. They delivered some great lines (“He’s so high” about Woody Harrleson), and their chemistry is impeccable. I hope they come back next year. I also thought it was awesome that they did a special tribute to beloved director/writer/producer John Hughes. Although, what was up with Molly Ringwald’s eyes, hello. Was she nervous, or just over botoxed? Regardless, I thought it was cool that some of the Brat Pack showed up to pay their respects.

For the Best Actor/Actress categories, I liked that fellow actors with connections to the nominees lined up on stage and spoke about them. That was a nice, more intimate way to do it. I was really touched that Jeff Bridges got teary when Michelle Pfeiffer (Michelle, where the heck have you been?) talked about his career and his family. And of course, I’m so happy that he won. Talk about an amazing actor who was long overdue for an Oscar.

While we are on the subject, let’s discuss Sandra Bullock winning Best Actress…I haven’t seen The Blind Side yet, but I have seen many other Sandra Bullock movies. I’m a fan, and I think she’s totally capable of winning an Oscar. But I’m a bit surprised that she beat out Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren and Gabourey Sidibe this year. Her speech was great though, she really is a composed and compelling speaker. I’d hire her as a spokesperson any day.

The Hurt Locker won Best Picture…I think many people, including James Cameron, thought an Avatar win was in the bag. I think maybe even Kathryn Bigelow thought that too, given her nearly speechless speeches last night.

Anyway, congrats to all the winners (for the complete list go here)….here is a clip of Steve and Alec, followed by a highlights clip…

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It’s that time of year when Hollywood, the music industry and everyone else in between congratulate themselves on providing the world with loads and loads of much-needed entertainment. The Oscar noms were announced, yesterday the beloved Razzie noms, and Sunday night glittered with the Grammys.

The lovely and multi-talented Anne Hathaway got up bright and early this morning to announce the Oscar nominations. Not a ton of surprises–Avatar, Up In the Air, Inglorious Bastards, Up, The Hurt Locker and Precious all got some nominations. But Maggie Gyllenhaal kind of came out of nowhere for Best Supporting Actress, Crazy Heart, and Sandra Bullock locked up a nom for The Blind Side, as did the film for Best Picture. The two heated races to watch come Oscar night: Avatar v. The Hurt Locker for Best Picture, and James Cameron v. Kathryn Bigelow for Best Director. FYI, Cameron and Bigelow used to be married–all those Hollywood marriages, divorces, affairs, marriages, divorces were bound to catch up to somebody at some point! Anyway, the Oscars air on ABC on Sunday, March 7 @ 5 PM PT/8 PM ET. And for a complete list of all the nominations click here.

Sandra Bullock may be up for Best Actress, but she’s also up for a Razzie Award for All About Steve (not such a good thing as the Razzies honor the worst in film). Apparently Sandra has the potential to make cinematic awards history as no other actor has won both the Oscar and the Razzie in the same year! The Razzie winners will be announced the night before the Oscars, for the list of all the nominees click here.

The Grammy recap: some people won, some people didn’t…Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Kings of Leon brought home some trophies which was cool, and Kanye West didn’t interrupt any speeches which was good. Lady Gaga and Elton John’s duet was incredible–how amazing would it be if those two went on tour??  But the performance that stole the show was Pink, singing a ballad while hanging upside down from the ceiling, wet and in heels! SINGING UPSIDE DOWN SPINNING WHILE SUSPENDED HIGH UP IN THE AIR. Outstanding! It was a nice contrast to the big productions earlier in the broadcast. Anyway, if you missed it, here is a clip…

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…Pop Culture Bites…Pop Culture Bites…Pop Culture Bites…

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  • Gossip Girl’s Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester  were incredibly obnoxious at a New York City restaurant recently; at one point Meester told another customer to f*** off. Hmmm…sounds like that whole bitchy Blair Waldorf thing isn’t an act. —NY Post
  • The NBC late-night debacle looks to be coming to a close as reports claim that Conan will leave the network with a pay-out. Guess this means all the late-night talk show hosts better get in the last of their NBC/Leno jokes. —The Daily Beast

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The people heart Johnny Depp

Last night was the People’s Choice Awards, and not only did the people choose Johnny Depp as their favorite film actor for the year, but for the DECADE.

The other big winner of the night?? Vampires! They picked up six awards: Breakout Star, Favorite On-Screen Team, Favorite Movie, Favorite Franchise, TV Obsession and New TV Drama. My goodness, that is A LOT of bloodsucking.

Other notable winners for the year include Sandra Bullock for Don’t Call It A Comeback Best Actress, Hugh Jackman for Action Star, Steve Carrell for Comedy Actor, Glee for New TV Comedy and Ashton Kutcher for Web Celeb.*

Below is the entire list of winners, courtesy of E!Online:


Actor: Johnny Depp
Actress: Sandra Bullock
Action star: Hugh Jackman
Comedic Star: Jim Carrey
Breakout Actress: Miley Cyrus
Breakout Star: Taylor Lautner
On-screen Team: The Twilight Saga
Independent Movie: Inglourious Basterds
Comedy Movie: The Proposal
Favorite Movie: Twilight
Family Movie: Up
Favorite Franchise: The Twilight Saga
Actor of the Decade: Johnny Depp


TV Drama: House
TV Comedy: The Big Bang Theory
Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show: Supernatural
Competition Show: American Idol
Drama Actor: Hugh Laurie
Drama Actress: Katherine Heigl
Comedy Actor: Steve Carell
Comedy Actress: Alyson Hannigan
TV Obsession: True Blood
Animal Show: Dog Whisperer
Talk Show: The Ellen DeGeneres Show
New TV Comedy: Glee
New TV Drama: Vampire Diaries


Male Artist: Keith Urban
Female Artist: Taylor Swift
Country Artist: Carrie Underwood
R&B Artist: Mariah Carey
Pop Artist: Lady Gaga
Rock Band: Paramore
Breakout Artist: Lady Gaga
Collaboration: Run This Town
Hip-hop Artist: Eminem


Web Celeb: Ashton Kutcher

*Personally, I think Ashton should have won for Best Camera Spokesman…guess that means I’m going to have to start The I Eat Pop Culture Choice Awards now.

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