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This year’s Super Bowl ads: Leno/Oprah/Letterman kind of play nice, Betty White in the mud, The Griswolds…and a killer whale

image source: associated press

Congrats to the Saints for their big win last night! Okay, let’s move past football, because as we know the Super Bowl telecast isn’t really about the game but the commercials.

With the exception of a couple of gems, I found most of the ads this year to be boring, and in some cases kind of disturbing (who knew Doritos had so much rage). Oh, and CBS really cranked out the promos…was that how they were able to sell all the ad space because they kept more than usual for the network? Hmmm. Anyway, speaking of promos, definitely the  highlight of the night was the Late Show with David Letterman spot, with guests stars Jay Leno and Oprah Winfrey. Wow, everyone was able to stay hush-hush weren’t they, as we definitely didn’t see that coming:

And then the Snickers ad which featured Betty White and Abe Vigoda. Awesome:

I was mildly interested in with the whole National Lampoon’s Vacation thing:

What else…the Google ad was two parts ridiculous and one part clever; the Denny’s ads made me chuckle; and the killer whale in the backseat for Bridgestone Tires was way too obvious before they even mentioned bachelor party, although it kind of gets funnier the more you watch it. Here’s the clip…because I’ve always wanted to end a blog post with video of a killer whale:


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Anatomy of a promotional/marketing disaster

So, in case you are still losing sleep over that Kentucky Fried/Grilled Chicken Oprah Giveaway melt-down from last week, click here for an in-depth article on just what the heck happened, and who is at fault. Here is essentially the “meat” of last week’s fiasco (excerpt from AdAge):

The company’s offer on the [Oprah] talk show May 4 of two free pieces of grilled chicken, two sides and a biscuit to anyone who downloaded a coupon within a two-day period should have been a huge promotional coup. Instead, it turned into an unmitigated disaster when the company was unable to execute and actually had to rescind the offer.

KFC’s offer sent the chain skyrocketing to the No. 1 topic on Twitter. By Wednesday, blogs began reporting “riots” at New York City KFCs. On Thursday, local news crews interviewed fuming customers getting turned away in other markets, including Chicago. Consumers complained about rude service, and media complained about a PR team that seemed asleep at the wheel. By Friday, the day after KFC pulled the promotion, NPR was calling KFC “the James Frey of fast food,” referring to the author of a memoir praised by Ms. Winfrey that was later exposed as fiction.

Anyway, I think what we can all take away from this is that 1) KFC doesn’t have their sh*t together,  and 2) Oprah, with her constant obsession regarding weight troubles, obviously ticked off kharma by placating to a fast food restaurant.

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Thanks Oprah, just what we need, another talk show!

Family-friendly, Oprah approved!

Coming to a Daytime TV near you!

When the end of the world comes, not only will the roaches survive, but so will talk shows!

The super wealthy know-it-all who launched Dr. Phil and Rachael Ray’s syndicated talk-shows, Queen Oprah, will clog up  daytime TV with more dribble, this time with sometimes rarely hardly-ever funny lady Jenny McCarthy.  I guess she feels that people will relate to that whole crusade against autism thing about Ms. McCarthy…which I guess is probably true.

But if you had told me back in the ol’ 90’s that the annoying blond hostess from MTV’s “Singled Out” was going to some day be Oprah’s little apprentice I would have laughed uncontrollably, spitting out my Zima all over your Nirvana t-shirt and then cackled and cackled until my Blues Traveler CD fell out of my flannel vest and then got ran over by a moped.  I guess what I’m trying to say here is that A LOT has changed since the decade before this one.

Anyway, here is the proof that I’m not messing with you.  And don’t start programming your Tivo just yet, these syndicated talk-show things take awhile to actually come together…you know, they have to pick out the right chairs and pastel paints for the set, and what not.  Bleh!

Did I say Happy Monday yet?

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