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Buried under all that riveting Olympics coverage: The World Yo-Yo Contest

 Beijing may be the current epicenter for the world’s top athletes, but just days prior to the fakery Olympic ceremony opening, Orlando hosted the world’s yo-yo champs as they battled it out for top honors.   While the mainstream U.S. media was foaming at the mouth in pre-Olympic coverage they completely overlooked the 2008 World Yo-Yo Contest which took place July 31-August 2.  It would have gone entirely unnoticed if it hadn’t been for the NY Times’ rushed-through recap that ran today, two weeks after the grueling competition.  Way to stay on that, “Gray [OLD] Lady.”

Anyway, I’ll let YouTube do all my reporting, because watching it is so much better than reading about it…

And if yo-yoing was an Olympic sport then this kid would OWN it:


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Hey Aqua Man, would it be too much to ask to hang up the speedo and let someone else win for a change?

 Who the heck does this Michael Phelps think he is, anyway?  What is he up to now–27, 43, 91 gold medals?!?!  Sheesh…the man is a machine, a phenom, AND an Olympics-drama buzz killer if you ask me.  It’s no fun when the same person wins everything.  Trust me, as someone who wins a lot, I know it annoys people.  He’s going to sweep the whole water sports thing isn’t he?… I can just see it now……..Who won the doggy-paddle freestyle?  Phelps, huh, you don’t say.  And the dead-man’s float relay?  Phelps again, imagine that. 

Can we please have some more underdog stories?  Those one-in-a-million when someone is actually having their One Moment in Time…like the guy from India.  Or the Jamaican bobsled team, that “Cool Runnings” was based on.  Where are those guys??  Oh…wait, wrong season.  Well, whatever, you know what I mean.

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Just an FYI for those not in the know: the Olympics start this Friday

Where does the time go?  It only seems like yesterday that we were bombarded with the Olympic logo.  Oh, wait, that was yesterday…and the day before…and the day before that.  What I really meant was: I can’t believe it has been another four years and I still haven’t been nominated for any kind of award.

There was a time when I was determined to be an Olympic champion–as a rhythmic gymnast.  That’s right, the girls who jump around the mat with ribbons and hula-hoops, wearing awesome leotards.  Circa mid-1980s, I would practice for hours in my backyard, my mother’s pantyhose tied to the top of my baton, shimmering in the afternoon sun; my impressive and technically advanced routines were to Cyndi Lauper’s “She-Bop” and Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long.” 

So, now you know how THE BLOGGER almost became a gold-medalist.  There are only a few times a year that THE BLOG will get sentimental, so I hope you enjoyed today’s little trip.

And in case you only watch the boring Olympic competitions, here is a wonderful rhythmic gymnastics montage from the 1988 Olympics:

Oh, oh, and let’s definitely not forget the greatest Olympic games anthem in the history of the world: Whitney Houston’s “One Moment in Time” (tissue, tissue NOW!).  Below is the original MTV video. If watching kids and clips of sports bothers you, then move along to the clip following of Houston performing the song at the Grammys, pre-Bobby Brown wrecked…

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