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Fun Fact Friday

Buh-bye million $$ endorsements!

Buh-bye million $$ endorsements!

So, the news has been out for a couple of days now, and lots of people have various opinions about Aquaman Michael Phelps and his pot smoking ways:

“He’s just a kid, he used poor judgment”

“He’s a disgrace and disappointment to all those who looked up to him”

“Everybody does it, what’s the big deal?”

“His reputation has been tarnished forever”

Ok, fine, but opinions aside, let’s stick with the facts:


I mean, isn’t that rule #1 for anyone? Especially celebrities who have millions riding on their squeaky-clean image?! Um…hello, McFly?


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Hey Aqua Man, would it be too much to ask to hang up the speedo and let someone else win for a change?

 Who the heck does this Michael Phelps think he is, anyway?  What is he up to now–27, 43, 91 gold medals?!?!  Sheesh…the man is a machine, a phenom, AND an Olympics-drama buzz killer if you ask me.  It’s no fun when the same person wins everything.  Trust me, as someone who wins a lot, I know it annoys people.  He’s going to sweep the whole water sports thing isn’t he?… I can just see it now……..Who won the doggy-paddle freestyle?  Phelps, huh, you don’t say.  And the dead-man’s float relay?  Phelps again, imagine that. 

Can we please have some more underdog stories?  Those one-in-a-million when someone is actually having their One Moment in Time…like the guy from India.  Or the Jamaican bobsled team, that “Cool Runnings” was based on.  Where are those guys??  Oh…wait, wrong season.  Well, whatever, you know what I mean.

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