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’09 In Review: This year’s most annoying quasi-celebrities

Thanks to reality TV and dysfunctional families desperate for fame, quasi-celebs are everywhere and most of them are ridiculous and do idiotic things. Here is a list of the most annoying ones (in random order) from this year. PLEASE feel free to comment with additional honorable mentions.

  • Jon Gosselin–lover of Ed Hardy t-shirts, this very recently divorced dad from TLC’s hit series, Jon & Kate Plus 8 acts like he doesn’t want press attention, yet I can’t turn around without seeing his face somewhere…Kate’s over him, TLC’s over him, now we just need the tabloids to be over him.
  • The Kardashians–ugh, this family is beyond annoying. They only have a reality show on E! because their dad was a lawyer and someone is married to Bruce Jenner, and they like to shop and date football players. Hey, E!, thank you for Joel McHale and Chelsea Handler, but all your other “shows” can go, thanks.
  • Michael Lohan–also known as Lindsay Lohan’s dad.¬† This guy has proven to be a real a-hole time and time again, but this year, he topped even himself when he released very private taped conversations he had with his daughter and his ex-wife.
  • The Balloon Family–remember a few months back when there was breaking news that a little boy was believed to have been in a helium balloon somewhere over Colorado? And it turned out to be a hoax, all because of a scumbag father wanting to create drama and get a TV show out of it. Thanks reality TV, this is your legacy.
  • OctoMom–see the above, but swap out kid in helium balloon over Colorado hoax/scumbag father with deranged California woman who gave birth to eight babies.
  • Everyone on MTV’s The Jersey Shore–I’ll admit, I checked out this show just to see what all the buzz was about, and by the second episode I began to get dizzy and light-headed by all the hair and tanning-product fumes seeping from my TV set. Or maybe it was because my brain was slowly turning to mush. I’m not sure.
  • Spencer & Heidi Pratt–lucky for us, these two idiots have been laying low recently…maybe we should be worried, are they plotting some huge publicity event/photo op?

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The best thing to happen to NBC since 30 Rock…

…and no, it’s definitely not Jay Leno’s nightly 10 PM show…but since you brought it up, IMHO I think handing over the coveted primetime hour to an annoying and no longer relevant comedian is ridiculous and could possibly turn out to be one of the most disastrous decisions NBC has ever made. There are networks that take creative risks (FX, AMC) and then networks that just take desperate measures (remember when ABC ran Who Wants to Be a Millionaire almost every night of the week?)–Jay Leno every night @ 10 PM is a desperate measure. And guess what–Leno’s ratings aren’t great and now NBC is kind of panicking.


All that aside, let’s get to a good decision NBC’s programming kids made for this fall that has turned out to be a bright spot on Thursday night’s line up: Community. In case you aren’t already a fan, it stars Joel McHale (of the E! channel’s The Soup, as well as this summer’s film, The Informant! with Matt Damon) as arrogant and former lawyer, Jeff Winger and Chevy Chase as a socially awkward businessman, Pierce Hawthorne, both who have enrolled at a community college. Jeff creates a fake Spanish class study group to get to know his attractive¬† fellow classmate, Britta (Gillian Jacobs). Unfortunately for Jeff, word gets around about the said study group, resulting in a few more extra members than he had hoped for—other classmates, who really want/need tutoring/or just want to be social—and voila, we have a show. I think Community is NBC’s second best comedy, behind 30 Rock, and the two of them blocked together on Thursday nights should help the Peacock Network’s numbers.

The cast is great, the writing is fun, slap-stick, witty (and often not very PC), and thoughtful at times, but never forgets that it’s a sitcom (formulaic/predictable). There are a couple of familiar faces–Allison Brie (Trudy from MadMen) as the high-strung Annie; John Oliver (from The Daily Show) as a professor and former client of Jeff’s; and Ken Jeong (appeared in Knocked Up, The Pineapple Express, The Office, Entourage) as Senor Chang, their erratic and intense Spanish professor.


I’m just thrilled that the very talented and smug Ryan Seacrest look-alike Joel McHale is branching out from being host of a clip-show to leading man on a network comedy.¬† It would seem that Mr. McHale may be the latest Talk Soup/The Soup success story since Hal Sparks, who went on to star in Showtime’s award-winning series, Queer as Folk and before him, Greg Kinnear, who has appeared in numerous films and was nominated for an Oscar for As Good As It Gets.

Below is a clip of the show, enjoy!

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