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Will ‘Bounty’ revitalize Aniston’s film career?

Last night I caught the trailer for The Bounty Hunter, starring Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler, and it looks like it might actually be entertaining. It reminds me of those late 70’s/early 80’s caper comedies where former lovers/spouses accidentally (or not) reunite and chaos/hilarity ensues. Formulaic yes, but I think probably forgivable due to Aniston and Butler’s highly noticeable onscreen chemistry.

It also got me thinking about Aniston’s film career, and how disappointing it’s been recently. It has been years since she did anything critically-acclaimed (The Good Girl), and her highest-grossing film in a while would have to be Marley & Me (but let’s be honest, I think the dog thing helped). I doubt The Bounty Hunter will be a critical success, but I do think it has appeal, and the action/comedy with big stars usually does well with theatergoers. So maybe Aniston has finally pulled out of her crappy-films rut. And if not, well then I’d love to see her return to 30 Rock as crazy Claire Harper…

Anyway, here’s the trailer for The Bounty Hunter, which hits theaters March 19:


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…Pop Culture Bites…Pop Culture Bites…Pop Culture Bites…

image source: GQ

  • Talk about hot for teacher!  Before he became a big television star, Don Draper taught high school drama in St. Louis–and guess which actor from a hit NBC show was his student? — E!Online
  • Calling all “wealthy businessmen,” Jennifer Aniston is looking for a date. — US Weekly
  • A Real Housewives of New York City insider (a.k.a. one of the housewives) spills the beans that Alex & Simon have been dropped from the guest list. — NY Daily News
  • Betty White’s cult-success (!) continues, this time with the magic of Facebook. — PopCandy

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Clearly I have chosen the wrong profession

marley-jenI know I’m getting in on this party a little late in the day, but that’s only because I’ve been on Craigslist all morning looking for a job at a hair salon.

Jennifer Aniston, not wanting to be upstaged by co-star Owen Wilson’s lovely tresses or canine co-star Marley’s shiny coat, spent $56,000 (of someone else’s money) to have a hair stylist run their fingers through her hair during the recent Marley & Me press tour in Europe.

The NY Daily News ran a story with quotes from well-known stylists, one of which compares Aniston’s luxurious need to a farmer needing a part for his tractor…………wait, what??

“You can’t put any price on it – it’s priceless,” says legendary hair stylist Edward Tricomi, co-founder of the elite Warren Tricomi salons.

Tricomi, who works with several celebrities, likens Aniston and her luscious – albeit pricey – locks to a farmer who might need a $4,000 part to repair his tractor.

“For celebrities, hair, make-up and stylists are exactly like that tractor part,” he explains.

Ohhhhhhh….ok, NOW it all makes sense. Struggling farmers & their tractors=frivolous celebrities & their hair. Thanks, Mr. Tricomi, for enlightening me! Now back to applying for beauty school.

Oh, and here’s a quick message from Marley about this matter…

Yo, bitches!  Where's MY $56,000-a-week groomer?  I'm calling Jacoby & Myers and suing all your asses!

Yo, bitches! Where's MY $56,000-a-week groomer? I'm calling Jacoby & Myers and suing all your asses!

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