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  • Remember way back, when Courtney Love was actually a musician? Well, apparently someone reminded her of that too, and she miraculously got herself to a recording studio. — Rolling Stone
  • File this under WHERE GREAT ACTORS GO TO DIE.  Another “Fockers” movie is in development (working title, Little Fockers), and will again include De Niro,  and now Harvey Keitel. As you will recall, the last one had Barbra Streisand and Dustin Hoffman. Ben Stiller, what do you have on these people??? — Hollywood Reporter
  • In other development news…some guy who moved back in with his parents and twittered “Shit My Dad Says” has landed a TV show deal with CBS.  Listen to me now, CBS, if you do this show, don’t half-ass it, PLEASE keep the title.  — Hollywood Reporter
  • Martin Scorsese will receive the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement at the Golden Globes, airing in January. Congrats, Marty, you’ve definitely had a lifetime of achievements, and for the millionth time I’m gonna say it: Goodfellas should have won the damn Oscar. — E! Online

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Let’s talk about the Golden Globe nominations…

golden-globesThis time of year is awesome for us pop-culture fanatics because it’s award season. All the best movies get released around now, and all the extra juicy celeb gossip is overflowin’.

The Golden Globes (voted by the Hollywood Foreign Press…uh…whatever) usually kicks things off, covering both television and film, while dividing everything into “Drama” or “Comedy or Musical.”

I figured it would be fun here at THE BLOG to do our own little awards on this year’s Golden Globe nominees (announced today). So, the envelope please…

THE MOST EXTREME ENDS OF THE SPECTRUM NOMS: Meryl Streep up for Best Actress in a Motion Picture-Drama for Doubt, WHILE up for Best Actress in a Motion Picture-Comedy or Musical for Mamma Mia

THE AH, WHAT THE HECK HE SEEMS LIKE A COOL GUY NOM: James Franco’s nomination for Best Actor in a Motion Picture-Comedy for Pineapple Express.

THE WE ARE JUST HAPPY SHE FINALLY BROKE OUT OF TYPE NOM: Anne Hathaway for Best Actress-Drama for Rachel Getting Married.

THE SUPER-COUPLE NOMS…WHICH MEANS WE’LL HAVE TO HEAR MORE WHINING FROM EMBITTERED J. ANISTON: Angelina Jolie, Best Actress-Drama for The Changeling and co-baby maker, Bradley Pitt, Best Actor-Drama for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

THE OTHER SUPER-COUPLE NOMS, BUT WAY LESS ANNOYING: Kate Winslet for Best Actress-Drama for Revolutionary Road and hubby Sam Mendes for Best Director, Revolutionary Road

THE DON’T CALL IT A COMEBACK NOM (MALE): Mickey Rourke for Best Actor-Drama for The Wrestler.

THE DON’T CALL IT A COMEBACK NOM (FEMALE): Marisa Tomei for Best Actress-Drama for The Wrestler.

THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CO-STARS NOMS: January Jones for Best Actress TV-Drama, Mad Men and Jon Hamm for Best Actor TV-Drama, Mad Men.

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