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Here’s my flashforward about “FlashForward”: watching this show would not be a good use of my time


As a disgruntled  “Lost” junkie I’m trying to be more selective with the recent rash of sci-fi sub-genre TV series, or as I fondly refer to them as: is-it-the-end-of-the-world-or-maybe-just-time-travel-whatever-let’s-throw-in-some-paranormal-aspects-action-dramas.  I’m waiting for “Lost” to finally end (Spring 2010) and for creator, J.J. Abrams to put us all out of our misery of nearly six years of zigzagging and endless plot-lines, broken promises and half-assed resolutions.  For those of you who were able to resist the show’s initial allure, it has pretty much been a massive tangle of absurd details and way out there theories resulting in  confused “WTF’s!!” screamed at my TV.

Despite my frustrations with “Lost,” I found myself a few months back catching up on the first season of “Fringe,” another J.J. Abrams creation. However unlike “Lost,” it has managed to stay in control.  The arch/plot points have remained pretty consistent and the weird/obscure details are regularly explained–but the show continues to keep a balance of mystery and intrigue. It is currently in its second season and so far it’s been fantastic.

So, I decided what the heck, I’ll give “FlashForward” a shot, ABC’s latest drama that fits nicely in the sci-fi sub-genre, just to see if it had the potential to rival Abrams’ cult-following efforts.

Unfortunately, the answer is no. After watching the first two episodes it’s pretty clear: this show is not worth getting involved.  It’s a J.J. Abrams wannabe. And sadly, in this case, the knock-off (unlike handbags and generic store-brands) is not passable.

They did a decent job of trying to trick those of us familiar with “Lost” by actually using actors from “Lost” (Penny and Charlie) and even some actors who kind of look like characters from “Lost” (Mark Benford in  F.F. looks exactly like Richard from Lost).  And there’s even one scene that includes a billboard for Oceanic Airlines–the airline that crashed on the now infamous island.


I don’t want to give too much away in case some of you haven’t seen it yet and would like to waste an hour or two check it out, but the writing, acting and the pacing doesn’t really work. It’s rushed, extremely predictable and falls way short on being gripping or even interesting. Don’t get me wrong, the formula is all there, but obviously the kids in charge aren’t synergizing so well. Which is a shame, because the creators have serious pedigree—“24”, The Dark Knight, X-Men Origins. I just don’t trust how this whole concept—everyone blacking out at the exact same time for two minutes and seeing into their future—is going to play out, with things already tired and underwhelming this early in the season/series.

Anyway, I guess what this all comes down to is that I have an extra hour of TV watching up for grabs…and in the meantime  I’ll just stick with the upcoming “Lost” finale/goodbye, and wait and see if J.J. Abrams turns “Fringe” into another painful loathing TV show/love-hate relationship that has me sticking around until the bitter end.


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Fall 2009 TV Preview–the shows I care about and you should too


Hey fellow TV junkies! Get out your calendar and warm up the Tivo, because we have a whole bunch of TV premieres coming our way! Some brand new series (Glee!) and some returning favorites (The Office!)…here is the list of shows I’ll be watching (in premiere date order):

Tuesday, September 8:

  • Sons of Anarchy on FX @ 10 PM (Season 2 Premiere)…Riveting, with full-throttle drama, this series about a biker gang/family hierarchy in Central California is top notch. The acting is superb and the writing is truly compelling and original.

Wednesday, September 9:

  • Glee on Fox @ 9 PM (Series Premiere)…After the sneak-peek premiere earlier this year (and online), we haven’t stopped believing that this high school dramedy is going to be a big hit. And with one of the show’s creators coming from “Nip/Tuck” and “Popular” it is sure to be irreverent and whip-smart.

Thursday, September 10:

  • The Vampire Diaries on CW @ 8 PM (Series Premiere)…I pretty much know nothing about this series except that the promos are dark and sexy and make me want to check it out. And vampires seem to be all the rage these days.

Tuesday, September 14:

  • Gossip Girl on CW @ 9 PM (Season 3 Premiere)…We were assured during last season’s finale that gossip girl will follow everyone to college, so that’s a relief!  All I really care about is seeing more of that damn Mother Chucker.

Thursday, September 17:

  • Fringe on Fox @ 9 PM (Season 2 Premiere)…Ok, so I must confess when this show first came out I hated it. But then I kept watching, and now I’m hooked. It’s a great sci-fi series, and just when things get too serious, too out there, they throw in a comedic line.
  • The Office on NBC @ 9 PM (Season 6 Premiere)…I think we are supposed to see Pam and Jim finally tie the knot, right? Of course, they will drag it out until the season finale, but I’m sure hilarity will ensue in the meantime.
  • Community on NBC @ 9:30 PM (Series Premiere)…This show could really suck or be really good, an ensemble comedy taking place in a community college. Why am I tuning in? For more doses of Joel McHale!
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on FX @ 10 PM (Season 5 Premiere)…This show started out so strong, and had a couple of great seasons/outstanding episodes.  I think it’s time they wrap it up or introduce a brand new plot point or character arc. I will of course still watch because they always end up doing something zany and out of control.

Wednesday, September 23:

  • Cougar Town on ABC @ 9:30 PM (Series Premiere)…When this show was in development and then was picked up I  laughed at how ridiculous it sounded. But then, after catching some of the promos it looks hilarious! Courtney Cox Arquette  as a recently divorced hottie looking to have some fun–yes, please, take us to Cougar Town!

October…two premieres to point out:

  • 30 Rock on NBC, the 15th @ 9:30 PM (Season 4 Premiere)…who knows what the hell will happen this season, whatever Tina Fey’s genius brain wants. As long as Jack, Tracy, and Kenneth keep coming back then I’m in.  If not? Then that’s a dealbreaker, ladies!
  • Southland on NBC, the 23rd @ 9 PM (Season 2 Premiere)…this show goes beyond the typical cop show, it’s unflinching and the characters have so much depth. It stars Ryan from the “O.C.” and Regina King, who really deserves an Emmy nom for this role.

Other shows I care about…but won’t premiere until early 2010 (so I’ll cover later this year):

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TV round up, six-word edition

Ryan from The O.C. is back on TV, and yes, he brought along his expressive brow

Ryan from "The O.C." is back on TV, and YES he brought along his highly expressive brow and melt-your-heart eyes

I want to cover some TV stuff, but I’m kind of on a tight schedule today, so we are going to try something different/fun, and sum everything up in six words.  (Unfortunately, I can’t take credit for the six word thing, that’s actually quite popular all over the place.)

Fringe…Been watching, been growing on me

Better Off Ted…Hilarious, Portia is enchanting, quirkiness galore

Kings…Ambitious, Ian McShane outshines once again

The Unusuals…Amber shows promise, but that’s it

Southland…Compelling, O.C.’s Ryan continues to captivate

The Office…I heart Michael Scott Paper Company

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Ok, so they don’t have the same eye color…or nose, but other than that they could almost practically be fraternal twins

Last night I was watching Hulu (what else is new?), and I checked out that new J.J. Abrams show, “Fringe.”  Eh, not so great, especially if you are an obsessed and devoted Lostie, like myself.  Anyway, I’m watching  Joshua Jackson (formerly of “Dawson’s Creek,” and possibly one of the only last people to see Katie Holmes before she became a Stepford), he’s one of the stars of the series, and every time he scowled and brooded—like this:

I kept thinking, “Man, who the heck does he remind me of??” 

And then it hit me like a stack of stethoscopes:

See it?  See IT??  Oh yeah!  Pacey is totally channeling his inner-Clooney.  Maybe he’s hoping he’ll get to be in Ocean’s 17 or get an invite to Clooney’s Italian villa.  Anyway, thought I’d share…oh, and I’m not going to bother posting a clip from Fringe because it really isn’t worth scaring anyone away from this blog.  However, I am going to throw up the trailer (the restricted/red one!) from Clooney’s new movie because I secretly want to marry him (sorry SMA, nothing personal).

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