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  • Based on the reviews I’ve read about SATC 2, sounds like it’s time to stick a fork in it. — NY Daily News
  • Speaking of goodbyes, Simon Cowell and his black t-shirt rode off into the American Idol sunset last night. — ABC News
  • Oh, and there was an American Idol winner last night too. — Star-Ledger
  • Conspiracy Theory: how can we be sure Lindsay Lohan looks twice her age due to partying, and not that she is a time-traveler? Perhaps Lindsay looks 40 because she really is 40, and she’s traveled back in time to warn us of something! — NY Daily News
  • Why I love Chelsea Handler, reason # 1,427. — E!

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…Pop Culture Bites…Pop Culture Bites…Pop Culture Bites…

  • Those Jersey Shore-loving kids at MTV finally got around to taking that whole “Music Television” part off their logo AND they kind of figured out how to make the “M” part disappear too. *sniff* —  The Wrap
  • Jack Bauer will be taking his 24 hours of chaos/drama/hell/terror to the big screen. — Variety
  • Playgirl magazine has been web-only for the past year, until now, thanks to Sarah Palin’s daughter’s baby daddy, Levi Johnston and his, er, assets, which apparently are worthy of actually being printed. — FishbowlNY
  • So the search for Simon’s replacement on American Idol continues…will it be Howard Stern? Tommy Mottola? Guy Oseary? Wouldn’t it make things a lot more interesting if the contenders had to audition on TV/beg America to vote for them? — Radar Online, NY Daily News

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…Pop Culture Bites…Pop Culture Bites…Pop Culture Bites…

  • American Idol’s 43rd season premieres tonight…Simon Cowell announced he’s going bye-bye after this season. Well, that’s it for me, when Simon goes, I will go. I was willing to miss Paula, but NOT Simon. — CNN
  • TomKat bought Suri (reminder: she is 3-years-old)  a $30,000 custom-made toy car, because she likes race cars! Let me guess what the custom-made license plate says: SPOILD BRAT. —
  • St. John is dropping Angelina Jolie as the face of their clothing brand, as her celebrity-ness kind of got in the way. — NY Daily News
  • NBC’s The Office just got interesting again! Kathy Bates will guest star as the CEO of the company that buys Dunder Mifflin. — E!Online

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Nice work, American Idol


When we all found out a few weeks back that Paula Abdul would not be returning as a judge on American Idol, I’ll admit, I was a bit saddened by that. Yes, she could be annoying, ridiculous and most of the time made absolutely no sense, at least not on this planet–but she had found her niche, she was the gentler, giver of air-kisses contrast to Simon Cowell’s harsh voice of reason and blatant honesty. Simon, Paula, Randy and Seacrest–the American Idol personalities had become a quaint little dysfunctional family. No matter the city, contestants, costumes or horrible song choices, we knew the crazy foursome would always be there sipping away at their giant red Coca-Cola plastic cups. I guess when they brought on Kara whatshername, things were destined to change.

…But then the news broke late Wednesday night that Ellen DeGeneres had signed on to take the fourth seat at the judge’s table, and I was like, “Paula? Paula who?”

Yes, when it comes to refreshing comedic entertainers with dead-on delivery like Ellen DeGeneres, all sentimental teary-eyed feelings about the way it was goes out the window.

Thank you, American Idol, for thinking outside the music-industry-insider box and going with someone who will bring a different kind of perspective, someone who has been a huge fan of the show, and just enjoys music/dancing for the heck of it. Oh, and is hilarious all of the time. She’ll lighten things up, bring out Simon’s funny side, and still probably be nice and gentle with the contestants. Look at that! Everybody wins!

Despite my growing cynicism of the show, I now definitely look forward to the new season, which begins early next year.

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Caught on tape: Americans in their sweats, watching TV

I came across a pretty funny posting where a website compiled some YouTube videos of Adam Lambert fans and their reactions to Kris Allen winning this season’s American Idol.  And as hilarious as they are to watch–the screaming, the shocked expressions, all the jumping up and down–what I found most bizarre about this whole thing is that so many people had video cameras rolling while they watched the AI finale.  Weird?  Yes? No? I think yes.

Ok, I get filming your kids, the pets, events, vacations, etc.  But putting the camera next to your TV, watching you while you watch TV.  What??? Am I missing something here? Are we so obsessed with reality television that we want to know what it feels like to be filmed doing just ordinary boring things like watching…reality television. Really? Please, someone, enlighten me.

(unless of course, these are staged reactions, and people just replayed their DVRs or whatevs just for the hell of it…if that’s the case then my alternate soap box comment would be:

Anyway, below is one of the YouTube videos (warning: put the sound on low before pressing play) click here to get to the original compilation.

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American Idol: yep, pretty much irrelevant

For the most part, I have always considered American Idol to be an entertaining reality/competition show, with a few highs (Simon Cowell’s brutal honesty) and a few lows (those cringe-worthy audition outtakes!) , but when it dwindled down to the remaining two this season, I felt the show had potential to actually be groundbreaking. And of course I’m referring to Adam Lambert.  He raised the talent bar so high that it might as well have been outside the Nokia theater, and well above the golden-gray smog line that hovers gently over scenic Los Angeles.  Every week,  the care, thought and originality that he put into his performances–the costumes, special effects,  and that range/voice/signature scream.  To a lot of us out there, and I think I’m primarily speaking on behalf of the critical AI viewers, Adam was truly an artist, what a musical idol could and should be, and a tribute to good old rock and roll that you just don’t find/hear/see/experience anymore.

Unfortunately, the majority of those who voted Tuesday night didn’t agree with me, and instead went with the cute, cuddly and instrumentally-talented Kris Allen.  Was it the blue state/red state thing?  Was it the glam-boy vs. the boy next door thing?  Who knows, who cares…Kris is safe, he’s nice, and apparently he’s what the majority of America wants right now.  His music I’m sure will be…nice.  But I predict he’ll do his one-year American Idol dog-and-pony show and then eventually fade into the vast Adult Contemporary/Country Music landscape.

And Adam…yes, well, Adam will be fine, he will be more than fine.  He’s already made a huge splash in the music industry and I’m sure there are a lot of record execs thrilled that he didn’t win for two reasons 1) No AI contract frees him up and 2) They don’t have to comply with AI when marketing/promoting him.  He’s a free agent with the world in the palm of his shimmery black-nail-polished hand.

So, we’ve seen hints in the past that the American Idol machine turned out to be irrelevant (see: Ruben Studdard/Clay Aiken, Academy-Award winner Jennifer Hudson, Taylor Hicks/Chris Daughtry, etc.), but this year brings it home because it is so clearly obvious even before any contracts have been signed or tunes cranked out.  The fickle AI viewers may have made Kris Allen their first choice for this season, but the music industry and the true die-hard music lovers out there will make Adam Lambert #1 for many years to come.

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Pigs must be flying…

…or we are in an alternate universe or something, because Miley Cyrus and I actually agree on something: American Idol’s resident rocker-chick Allison Iraheta is AWESOME…

Allison ROCKS!  Miley Cyrus...not so much

Allison ROCKS! Miley Cyrus...not so much

Mentioned in a New York Post story that ran today, Miley Cyrus is rooting for Allison, and now the two have become texting buddies.

Sadly, Ms. Iraheta probably won’t win AI because marketing/style-wise she’s too similar to Kelly Clarkson, as far as comparing this year’s roster to previous AI winners. However, I have no doubt in my mind someone will pick her up after this season is over and she’ll do just fine on her own, without Coca-Cola’s, uh, Ford’s, er, gosh, I mean, American Idol’s help. That girl can SING! And she seems pretty cool/has her s**t together. Who the hell is/was ever that cool at 16?? NO ONE.

Anyway, want to know who is the odds favorite to win this season? Click here to find out.

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