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Non-Vampire Movies to Watch this Summer…

Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell...this summer's other heartthrobs

I Eat Pop Culture is back!! I know, you don’t have to say it, you missed us. We took a little summer hiatus-pop-culture-meditation-staff-retreat-getaway-vision-quest. I’m hoping this means my two interns (Roxy and Suzy) will stop napping and licking their paws all the time, and actually be of some use around here. Okay, let’s get down to business…

TWILIGHT. ENOUGH. Listen, I like vampires as much as the next person, but holy zombie cow, all those moody brooding teens and their issues! Not to mention those ridiculous Burger King ads about choosing between Team Heartthrob #1 and Team Heartthrob #2 blah, blah, blah, the point is they are taking over everything right now…before we know it that Justin Bieber kid is going to start growing fangs too (if he hasn’t already). So, for those of you looking for summer movies that don’t involve vampires, you are in luck. I spent all morning on YouTube and came across some trailers that look interesting/entertaining. Check them out below, and enjoy!

Predators – July 9

The Kids Are All Right – July 9

Inception – July 16

I Love You Phillip Morris – July 30

Middle Men – Aug 6

The Other Guys – Aug 6

Eat Pray Love – Aug 13

The Expendables – Aug 13

The Switch – Aug 20


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ScarJo Has Found Her Calling

Last night I checked out Iron Man 2 (fantastic film, btw), and guess what? Scarlett Johansson was surprisingly good. It shocked the hell out of me because usually her “acting” makes me cringe. Here’s how her performance as Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow  worked: her lines (which weren’t that many) required very little acting, she has mastered the sexy mysterious piercing stare, and she looks amazing while kicking ass.

She really needs to stick with the action/superhero/comic book movies, and apparently someone who manages her career agrees with me. According to IMDB, it is “rumored” that she will be reprising her role as Black Widow in The Avengers, slated for release in 2012.

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The 1980s Called, They Want Their Movies Back

A remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street hits theaters this weekend…and a remake of The Karate Kid comes out in June…and of course, we just had the Clash of the Titans remake released earlier this month. All these remakes got me thinking/researching and OMG, there are a lot of films from the 80’s getting remade! What does this mean, that we’ve really run out of fresh ideas? Seriously, somebody get me some Mad Libs stat, I’ll come up with something…anything is better than trying to ruin Dirty Dancing or resurrecting Police Academy.

Below is a list of some 80’s movies with remakes in the works (accompanied with my opinions for each one). What do you think??

Adventures in Babysitting (1987)  – This remake (either to be titled Further Adventures in Babysitting or The Sitter, based on my research) has Jonah Hill starring as the babysitter. He’s a funny guy, but seriously, he could be just as funny if not funnier in something original. Besides, who the heck is going to confuse him with a Playboy centerfold?!

An American Werewolf in London (1981)  – It was announced last year that John Landis sold the remake rights to this classic horror film, which Dimension films purchased. I say let’s just stop there and not disturb this one.

Arthur (1981)  – This was an entertaining movie for it’s time, but certainly not a work of art that can’t be improved. I’m kind of intrigued by this remake, definitely not because Russell Brand is starring as Arthur, but that the director, Jason Winer, is one of the producers/directors of Modern Family.

Dirty Dancing (1987)  – I am against this for so many reasons. I’m not going to go cliché and say that this film defined a generation or anything, but it certainly had a huge impact. To remake this is a complete waste of time because no effort will ever measure up.

Escape From New York (1981)  – Futuristic/post-apocalyptic/it’s the end of the world and everything has gone to s**t movies are enormously popular, so why not revisit some of the older films and update them a bit. I’m cool with that. Although, I imagine some serious die-hard fans of this movie would not agree.

Footloose (1984) – I’m going to put this in the same category as Dirty Dancing. Some 80’s movies should not be messed with. And I especially don’t like how commercial they want to go with the casting of this remake.

Fright Night (1985)  – It has become very obvious that movie studios love to remake horror films. I don’t agree with some of the classics, but in this case, this movie was so campy that I don’t mind it so much.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (1985)  – This is another one of those 80’s movies that one shouldn’t touch.  It’s the film that helped launch the careers of Sarah Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt, and it was a staple for at least a decade’s worth the slumber parties.

Mannequin (1987) – Although I loved this movie, and it is one of the three films Andrew McCarthy and James Spader appeared in together (Pretty in Pink and Less Than Zero are the other two), this movie could certainly use a makeover.

Overboard (1987) – What made this film tolerable in the first place was that it starred a real-life couple (Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell). Unless they go there again, I think this movie remake is unnecessary.

Police Academy (1984) – Apparently there is a remake in the works, but according to IMDB, the upcoming Police Academy is going to be the 8th in the series; which makes more sense to me than restarting the whole franchise again. But either way, another Police Academy movie is not really needed.

Poltergeist (1982) – According to reports, production has been pushed back, and it doesn’t seem entirely clear if the project will actually happen. I for one, absolutely hope not. This is a true classic film that has aged well and requires no tampering whatsoever.

Private Benjamin (1980) – I don’t think this film is so much about remaking the original, but trying to turn Anna Faris into the next Goldie Hawn, which isn’t too far off if you ask me.

Red Dawn (1984) – I’m not entirely sure why, but I don’t feel as sentimental about this 80’s ensemble film as so many others. So I say what the heck. However, if anyone attempts to remake The Outsiders, which also also starred C. Thomas Howell and Patrick Swayze, then there’s going to be trouble.

Romancing the Stone (1984) – I dare Hollywood to top the pairing of Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner in the remake of this classic romantic comedy. And good luck finding a comparable Danny DeVito casting…in other words, maybe you kids should leave this original alone.

The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (1982) – This could be interesting, and one of the few Burt Reynolds movies that could be remade without him and be just as good. The Dolly Parton part though, those are some big cups, er I mean shoes to fill. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist)

The NeverEnding Story (1984)  – Some heavy hitters are in talks to remake this, including Leo DiCaprio’s production company. I imagine it will be done almost entirely in CGI that it’ll feel like a brand new movie anyway.

Vacation (1983) – Some would call this a sequel while others might call it a remake. So I guess that means we could call it a se-make…premise is similar to the first film, but this time it’s Rusty that takes his family to Wally World. Twist!

Vision Quest (1985) – This was an 80’s movie that had it all: high school sports, a young man in love with an older woman, Madonna, and Michael Schoeffling—who went on to be the hottie of the decade as Sixteen Candle’s Jake Ryan. Yeah, there’s too much historical significance with this one, any remake would be a disaster.

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Earth Day Movies

We should be nice to Earth every single day, but someone 40 years ago designated April 22 as the official Earth Day.  So, in honor of this year’s Earth Day I’ve listed some movies to remind us what will happen if don’t take care of our planet.

The Day After Tomorrow (2004) –The granddaddy of all global warming blockbuster films

The Happening (2008) –Director M. Night Shyamalan’s film with an environmental twist

An Inconvenient Truth (2006) –[President] Al Gore’s award-winning documentary

The Simpsons Movie (2007) –Homer + pet pig + polluted lake = trouble

Soylent Green (1973) –Just don’t watch while eating

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Well now, this sounds like fun

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jason Segel, you know that guy from Freaks & Geeks, Forgetting Sarah Marshall and I Love You, Man, has co-written, will co-produce, and also star in a new Muppet movie. The plot is all hush-hush, but apparently Jason’s [human] character will make it his business to reunite all the Muppets. Hmmm…didn’t they already kind of do that in one of the previous Muppet movies? Oh well, no matter, there are no rules when talking puppets are involved!

James Bobin will direct. He co-created Flight of the Conchords, which means there better be a cameo by Bret and Jemaine–they can do a collaborative number with Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem. Speaking of cameos, according to IMDB, one of the producers of this “untitled Muppet project,” Todd Lieberman, was college pals with Elizabeth Banks (she’s currently on 30 Rock, as Avery, Jack’s CNBC love interest). I hope she shows up at some point…maybe as Piggy’s rival for Kermie’s affections? And of course, Jason Segel needs to bring some of his fellow College of Judd Apatow alums on board…James Franco and Seth Rogen can totally get high with Animal…and Adam Sandler can do some stand-up with Fozzie Bear. Oh my, I love this movie already!

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RIP Corey Haim

image source: the insider

I’m sad to report that Corey Haim died this morning at the age of 38, of a drug overdose, according to TMZ. An 80’s teen icon, Haim starred in several films, including Silver Bullet and Lucas; as well as The Lost Boys, License to Drive and Dream a Little Dream, with fellow teen heartthrob, Corey Feldman. Recently, the two reunited for A&E’s reality show, The Two Coreys, which lasted for two seasons. According to ABC, Haim had struggled with cocaine and valium addiction, and had been to rehab at least 15 times. UPDATE: New details regarding his health at the time of his death.

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And the winner is…

image source:

The 82nd Annual Academy Awards proved to be a historical one, with Kathryn Bigelow winning Best Director (The Hurt Locker), the first woman to ever win in that category. And the other milestone? Sandra Bullock won for Best Actress (The Blind Side), after picking up (in person) the Razzie Award for Worst Performance (All About Steve), becoming the first actor to ever win an Oscar and a Razzie in the same year.

I have to say I really enjoyed this year’s telecast. LOVED Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin as co-hosts. They delivered some great lines (“He’s so high” about Woody Harrleson), and their chemistry is impeccable. I hope they come back next year. I also thought it was awesome that they did a special tribute to beloved director/writer/producer John Hughes. Although, what was up with Molly Ringwald’s eyes, hello. Was she nervous, or just over botoxed? Regardless, I thought it was cool that some of the Brat Pack showed up to pay their respects.

For the Best Actor/Actress categories, I liked that fellow actors with connections to the nominees lined up on stage and spoke about them. That was a nice, more intimate way to do it. I was really touched that Jeff Bridges got teary when Michelle Pfeiffer (Michelle, where the heck have you been?) talked about his career and his family. And of course, I’m so happy that he won. Talk about an amazing actor who was long overdue for an Oscar.

While we are on the subject, let’s discuss Sandra Bullock winning Best Actress…I haven’t seen The Blind Side yet, but I have seen many other Sandra Bullock movies. I’m a fan, and I think she’s totally capable of winning an Oscar. But I’m a bit surprised that she beat out Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren and Gabourey Sidibe this year. Her speech was great though, she really is a composed and compelling speaker. I’d hire her as a spokesperson any day.

The Hurt Locker won Best Picture…I think many people, including James Cameron, thought an Avatar win was in the bag. I think maybe even Kathryn Bigelow thought that too, given her nearly speechless speeches last night.

Anyway, congrats to all the winners (for the complete list go here)….here is a clip of Steve and Alec, followed by a highlights clip…

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