Is Boldly Going Nowhere definitely going…nowhere?

Upfront season is upon us which means all the networks have been revealing their upcoming schedules; lots of the usual suspects and some new shows that look promising. That’s all lovely and nice, but there is still a show out there in the TVosphere that I’ve been waiting for: Boldly Going Nowhere, a sci-fi comedy created by the kids of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Here’s the back story: in 2008 it was announced that the pilot (which the Sunny kids would only be producers of, not starring in) had been sold to Fox. Then in August of last year there were reports that Larry Charles (former Seinfeld writer) had been brought in for a pilot re-write…and finally, in November, there were two reports on the same day: one from Sci-Fi Wire noting that Fox had passed on the show and Zap2It posted that Larry Charles was going to re-write the pilot’s script, again. That’s all that I’ve been able to find through my tireless Internet research.

So…? …what’s going on now…is the show still getting re-written? Maybe there are secret negotiations happening right now in the basement of Paddy’s Pub for the pilot to go elsewhere? …Or is Boldly Going Nowhere definitely not happening and I’m just in complete denial because I like Sunny so much I was hoping that a second brilliant series from those guys was on its way?

If anyone has any insight/answers/thoughts/prayers that this show happens, I’d appreciate hearing from you. And if it’s a no-go, well, I’d like to know that too because I really need closure on this one.


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    ZVW said,

    Um, can you please post more about Burn Notice?

  2. 2

    ZVW said,

    I hear there is a crossover episode between It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Burn Notice called Sunburn Notice – Always Wear Sunscreen in Philadelphia.

    The premise is that Micheal Westen is fleeing a Nigerian scammer and needs a place to hide where no one ever goes, so the Irish pub run by the “The Gang” is perfect. Hilarity and spy antics ensue!

  3. 3

    lizarrasmith said,


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