Conan Going to TBS

TBS just beefed up their “very funny” brand with one hell of a comedic commodity: Conan O’Brien. Former host of The Tonight Show, O’Brien will return to late-night with a Monday-Thursday talk-show, to run prior to Lopez Tonight, TBS’ other late-night talk show, starring George Lopez. Although no word on what the show’s title will be, it’s expected to launch in November, and apparently, Lopez himself personally called Conan to see if he would be interested in joining him at TBS. I must say, Lopez has power! He influences the late-night TV arena, he consoles humiliated Oscar-award winning actresses—next thing we know he’ll convince Bravo to stop assaulting us with “real housewives” (one can only hope!).

So…how do I feel about Conan going to TBS…well, I was kind of hoping he would go to HBO so he could indulge in foul language and nudity! However, TBS is still cable, which definitely allows more freedom than broadcast these days, so I think he made a good choice. One other detail to keep in mind: he’ll be on at 11 PM, which gives him a whole half-hour head start to engage late-night viewers, and possibly keep some of them away from Leno, which could make things interesting. Whatever happens, I’ll definitely check out his show when it premieres, and given the ratings for his final episode of The Tonight Show on NBC, I imagine lots of other people will too.


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