Laverne & Shirley: The Movie

At last night’s premiere of Valentine’s Day the film’s director, Garry Marshall, mentioned to reporters that he’s thinking of bringing the hit TV show that he co-created, Laverne & Shirley, to the big screen, and he’s considering Jennifer Garner and Jessica Biel to both star  in the film.

Garner and Biel?? Ugh, no thanks and here’s why: Laverne & Shirley starred Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams, both who were total comedic pros and played off each other so naturally that you imagined they had to have been cohorts since birth. Jennifer Garner and Jessica Biel both have had roles where they were cute and said some funny things, but I would never say they are comedic, as they seem to lack that instinct that so many other truly funny actresses possess. On top of that, I don’t really detect any chemistry there…but then maybe I’m just biased because I really don’t like either of them all that much and feel somewhat protective about who could/should fill Laverne and Shirley’s shoes.  Therefore I’ve taken the job of casting this possible film project into my own hands…

Jenna Fischer & Kristen Schaal

Ta-da! These two would be great together as they both have similar comedic styles and backgrounds.  We of course know  Jenna as Pam Beesley in NBC’s enormously popular show, The Office; and those of you who are fans of the off-beat comedy, Flight of the Conchords know Kristen as Mel, the obsessed fan.

Both actresses have demonstrated their impeccable comedic timing, and their quirky and improvisational chops, all of  which would be essential to the dialogue and general flow of the Laverne & Shirley film (of course, this would also mean there would have to be some good comedic writers too). Not only would they both be an ideal fit as the iconic characters, but assuming the film would go for a present day time line versus the 1960’s as it was originally set in, they both have enough talent to bring some edginess and help modernize the roles. Kristen can totally pull off the loud, tomboyish Laverne, and step up the hilarity with some of that awkwardness she’s so good at; while Jenna would be endearing as the sweet, optimistic Shirley, with just a hint of that Pam Beesley sigh/I’m-on-my-last-nerve tone every now and again.

So, what do you think? Any other Laverne & Shirley casting suggestions? Tina Fey and Amy Poehler did cross my mind, but I think they are bit too obvious, and already have a thing going…I’d rather see them as just Tina & Amy. And for outrageous casting, I thought about Chelsea Handler and Sarah Silverman. Can you imagine? That would definitely get an R-rating or maybe even an NC-17!

Anyway, below is a brief clip of Jenna Fischer on The Office, followed by Kristen Schaal on Flight of the Conchords


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