This year’s Super Bowl ads: Leno/Oprah/Letterman kind of play nice, Betty White in the mud, The Griswolds…and a killer whale

image source: associated press

Congrats to the Saints for their big win last night! Okay, let’s move past football, because as we know the Super Bowl telecast isn’t really about the game but the commercials.

With the exception of a couple of gems, I found most of the ads this year to be boring, and in some cases kind of disturbing (who knew Doritos had so much rage). Oh, and CBS really cranked out the promos…was that how they were able to sell all the ad space because they kept more than usual for the network? Hmmm. Anyway, speaking of promos, definitely the  highlight of the night was the Late Show with David Letterman spot, with guests stars Jay Leno and Oprah Winfrey. Wow, everyone was able to stay hush-hush weren’t they, as we definitely didn’t see that coming:

And then the Snickers ad which featured Betty White and Abe Vigoda. Awesome:

I was mildly interested in with the whole National Lampoon’s Vacation thing:

What else…the Google ad was two parts ridiculous and one part clever; the Denny’s ads made me chuckle; and the killer whale in the backseat for Bridgestone Tires was way too obvious before they even mentioned bachelor party, although it kind of gets funnier the more you watch it. Here’s the clip…because I’ve always wanted to end a blog post with video of a killer whale:


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    Cindy So said,

    awesome post…you saved me the legwork of checking out all the ads I missed. You so called it – that bridgestone tire ad is even better on second viewing!

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