…Pop Culture Bites…Pop Culture Bites…Pop Culture Bites…

  • American Idol’s 43rd season premieres tonight…Simon Cowell announced he’s going bye-bye after this season. Well, that’s it for me, when Simon goes, I will go. I was willing to miss Paula, but NOT Simon. — CNN
  • TomKat bought Suri (reminder: she is 3-years-old)  a $30,000 custom-made toy car, because she likes race cars! Let me guess what the custom-made license plate says: SPOILD BRAT. — Newser.com
  • St. John is dropping Angelina Jolie as the face of their clothing brand, as her celebrity-ness kind of got in the way. — NY Daily News
  • NBC’s The Office just got interesting again! Kathy Bates will guest star as the CEO of the company that buys Dunder Mifflin. — E!Online

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