Update on NBC late-night debacle: Leno is back to 11:35 PM

NBC announced that indeed they are canceling The Jay Leno Show during the 10 PM hour, and pushing him back to 11:35 PM–his original slot when he hosted The Tonight Show. If Conan stays, then Jay’s show will be a half-hour and if Conan walks, then it appears as though Leno will once again host The Tonight Show. The whole thing is just so ridiculous. Lots of money spent and lost and NBC ends up looking even more incompetent. Hey, here’s an idea for a new competition reality show: Please Run Our Network, and Not Further Into Ratings Oblivion, Thank You Very Much!

Anyway, as of now, there is no official word on what will happen with Conan…there is talk that he’s considering heading over to Fox. NBC has made their choice on who is the priority, I think that assuming all the money/details shake out that Conan would be crazy not to go to Fox, or wherever else he might be considering.

And so we wait for the drama to continue…and then, of course, in a couple of years there will be ANOTHER made-for-TV movie about the late night wars.


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