…Pop Culture Bites…Pop Culture Bites…Pop Culture Bites…

  • Remember a few days ago when everyone started freaking out because the State of the Union address was maybe going to be on the same night as the Lost final season premiere? Well, everyone can calm down now. —The Wall Street Journal
  • Madonna has another album in the works (and appears to still be dating that hot younger man, works out constantly, and poses in fashion ad campaigns…when does this woman sleep?)–MTV.com
  • Guess this means no more taking eclairs from the garbage… Jason Alexander (a.k.a. George Costanza) is Jenny Craig’s latest spokesperson. —TV Guide
  • The new season of Project Runway premieres January 14, and E!Online asks the question: should you watch? My answer is no because last season sucked, but the kids over at E! decided to be a bit more thorough with their answer. — E!Online

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