…Pop Culture Bites…Pop Culture Bites…Pop Culture Bites…


Remember when Luke Wilson used to be this handsome?

  • File this under ‘oh thank goodness!’…Luke Wilson finally has a new gig that doesn’t involve throwing postcards and telling us how awesome AT&T is. He and a few other famous kids will star in a pilot for HBO called Stop Comparing My Career to My Brother’s Enlightened.–The Hollywood Reporter
  • In other news about actors who go for the scruffy disheveled look, Vince Vaughn just got married.–NY Daily News
  • Well, with Avatar now over the billion $ mark in worldwide sales, it looks as though James Cameron has already had a great year, and it’s only five days in.–Deadline Hollywood
  • The Simpsons continues to be the longest-running scripted primetime television show, and will air episode #450 this weekend…wake me when they hit #1,000.–ABC News

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