’09 In Review: The top critically-acclaimed films I haven’t seen yet (but will at some point)

This is the time when the film critics come out with their best and worst movies of the year lists. As one skims through the titles it becomes very clear that a lot of the critics choose the same movies and for once, everyone is in agreement on something. So, based on said lists, I came up with my top 5 movies of this year that I still need to see. Before I update my Netflix, here they are in random order…

  • Fantastic Mr. Fox–I loved the book, and of course love Clooney and Meryl, so I’m not sure how it happened that I missed it in the theaters. I’m going to blame it on the economy.
  • Up in the Air–there he is again, Clooney—in a human interest-y movie, I can’t wait. Since this one just came out I think I’m kind of forgiven for not seeing it yet.
  • The Hurt Locker–this is a big one with the critics and has won a lot of awards. I’m not always in the mood for a war movie, but this one looks pretty good, and has an appealing cast.
  • District 9–the year wouldn’t be complete without a few good alien movies. I did manage to get to Avatar (in 3-D!), but missed out on this one…I think it came out at the same time as some other movie I wanted to see, and unfortunately, District 9 lost the coin toss.
  • (500) Days of Summer–I think at first I was turned off because every third commercial and movie-trailer was for this movie, and I was sick of it before it even opened. But then everyone loved it, and well, I procrastinated.

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