Mad Men: The Finale


This turned out to be one heck of a season of Mad Men, and last night’s finale did not disappoint!

****************SPOILER ALERT**************

After the big confrontation two episodes back we knew it was coming, the end of the wedding-cake-topper couple, and it did, with Don moving out and Betty on a plane to Reno.  I think it’s fascinating that the two of them didn’t really attempt to fight for each other, for the marriage, for the family, yet they were both relentless in going for what they really wanted, a divorce and a new agency. It will be interesting to see how the writers handle the new dynamics, Betty playing house with Henry, the kids with a new father-figure, Don living on his own in Manhattan.  There hasn’t really been any character growth with these two, just that they’ve changed their environments to suit them…we’ve watched two of the main characters of this show go through three seasons of life happening around them, and yet they both remain completely flawed. Full of fairy-tale endings, Mad Men is not. Which is why we love it.

And now on to Sterling Cooper 2.0–Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.  I thought the whole sneak in and take everything and everyone over the weekend brought the show a unique energy.  Mad Men is almost entirely dialogue-driven, so to see Draper kick in the Art Department door, the plot to get the files, watch the boxes be carted away and the new firm’s  relocation to the Pierre, there was something so exciting and urgent about it all. Don typing on the coffee table, Harry stationed in the bedroom, and Joan explaining that meetings were to take place beyond the hotel lobby, it was kind of like watching foreign correspondents in a make-shift news bureau (complete with exquisite window treatments, lovely teacups and lush upholstery).  Of course, the intensity was slightly interrupted when Trudy arrived with all kinds of sandwiches! Ah, she means well, and she’s proud of Pete–and their marriage just might make it. For now.

A few more nuggets I cared about from last night’s show…Don’s speech to Peggy, Peggy refusing to get Roger coffee, JOAN COMING BACK and saving the day (naturally), Lane getting a little revenge on PPL.

So, it’s going to be an interesting new season ahead. I’m going to keep a look out for any spoilers, leaks, predictions, etc. and post something closer to the premiere of Season 4. Until then, we wait and go back to a life without Mad Men…*sigh*


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    Cindy said,

    You captured my sentiments exactly!!! The energy, Peggy’s sass, the welcome home to Joan – thank god! – if only Sal had sashayed in w/ his tailored vests, that would have topped the cake! Take that Paul Kinsey – teaches you for being an ass hat to peggy. But, what shall happen with Duck? Oh, I can’t wait til next season…

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