Regardless what happens with the World Series, the real winner of this year’s baseball season is Kate Hudson


She’s been in a few funny movies, comes from a famous Hollywood family and  was endearing as a rock band groupie in Almost Famous…and now? Well,  Kate Hudson is  no longer an almost famous groupie, but rather a very famous groupie and in my humble opinion, the biggest winner in this year’s baseball season. Why you ask? No, it’s not because she’s dating a hot baseball player, it’s because of all the damn publicity!! Every time the Yankees play, there she is cheering, and smiling and giving A-Rod all sorts of  “oh yeah, baby” looks, and the photogs are right there to capture  all her adoration/posing.  She’s even got the NY Daily News giving her credit for A-Rod’s great performance *on the field* these last few months. Never mind that this man is paid a zillion-dillion  dollars to DO HIS JOB, so uh, yeah.  And she gets really great seats, for free I’m sure, which must be nice.

So, Kate, what’s gonna happen when baseball goes away for awhile and you aren’t in the papers every damn day? Moving onto football perhaps? Or, isn’t basketball around the corner? And if you really are some kind of lucky charm (ahem…right), can you at least be charitable and go for a player on a team that sucks, you know, just to make things interesting.


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