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Ashlee Simpson performing 'Outta My Head' on this weekends 'Sound' part of BBC Switch on BBC2, (to be broadcast 1.50pm Sat  May 10) under the Westway on May 02, 2008 in London, England.

  • The CW’s Melrose Place says buh-bye to Ashlee Simpson…well, this just means more time for her to continue with her lip-syncing career — E! Online
  • Bronson Pinchot (aka everyone’s favorite cousin, Balki, from Perfect Strangers) got a little excited to be talking to the press again and shared some stories about former film co-stars — The Onion AV Club
  • And his interview got everyone all giddy, so even more press called him! To uh, talk about his co-stars again, not anything about what he’s doing, or whatever. — The Wall Street Journal
  • Ruh-roh! Hulu, that magnificient online destination that plays TV shows and movies for FREE—well, now they are thinking they might take away that free part, and as early as next year! — 1010Wins
  • The Weather Channel (now your weather on the 8’s) will soon be showing films about…weather! I don’t know what’s more bizarre, that they will be showing movies or that Hollywood has really made enough weather movies to make it worth The Weather Channel’s while — The Associated Press

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    Cindy said,

    Ahhh…for the love of all things good and free…NO No no Hulu!!!

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