Glee=the best new comedy of the fall TV premieres

sue sylvester

That’s right, I’m putting it out there–-Glee is the best new comedy of the fall TV premieres. A musical comedy about high school, primarily through the eyes of the members of glee club, which includes kids from various stereotypical cliques, as they not only try to get through their own issues, but navigate through the club’s moments of glory and humiliation, and actually win their singing competitions

Unfortunately, the adults around them aren’t all that helpful as they are caught up in their own dysfunctional entanglements, demonstrating the notion that even grown ups aren’t grown up. Glee is full of over-the-top characters and antics, and brims with sharp dialogue. And the musical performances–varying in genres and decades–kicks up the energy and of course help move along the narrative.

And above all that, it’s got Jane Lynch, and every single scene she’s in—bullying her way through the halls of William McKinley High School as the cocky and abrasive cheer coach, the Cheerios as they are called, sparking a confrontation, scheming with her cheerleaders, ridiculing her archenemy, Spanish teacher and director of the glee club, Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison), giving that unflinching stare while brilliantly delivering some of the most absurd yet whip-smart lines in TV history—she steals it.

Lynch is primarily known for her performances in Best in Show and The 40-Year-Old Virgin, but watching her as the tough-talking, ball-busting, manipulative, extremely competitive, political-correctness-what’s-that Sue Sylvester, I can’t imagine her in anything else.  And for that I not only expect that she will be nominated for an Emmy, but that she will probably win.

Below is an eight minute clip from last night’s episode…the first part includes Lynch, but of course I recommend watching the whole clip…


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    kat said,

    OMG!!! I love GLEE!! but where is the love for Community? Get With It SiS! Joel McHale maybe a Husky but he is a funny one!! Can I say Jane Lynch makes the show and NEEDS an Emmy!!!

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