Nice work, American Idol


When we all found out a few weeks back that Paula Abdul would not be returning as a judge on American Idol, I’ll admit, I was a bit saddened by that. Yes, she could be annoying, ridiculous and most of the time made absolutely no sense, at least not on this planet–but she had found her niche, she was the gentler, giver of air-kisses contrast to Simon Cowell’s harsh voice of reason and blatant honesty. Simon, Paula, Randy and Seacrest–the American Idol personalities had become a quaint little dysfunctional family. No matter the city, contestants, costumes or horrible song choices, we knew the crazy foursome would always be there sipping away at their giant red Coca-Cola plastic cups. I guess when they brought on Kara whatshername, things were destined to change.

…But then the news broke late Wednesday night that Ellen DeGeneres had signed on to take the fourth seat at the judge’s table, and I was like, “Paula? Paula who?”

Yes, when it comes to refreshing comedic entertainers with dead-on delivery like Ellen DeGeneres, all sentimental teary-eyed feelings about the way it was goes out the window.

Thank you, American Idol, for thinking outside the music-industry-insider box and going with someone who will bring a different kind of perspective, someone who has been a huge fan of the show, and just enjoys music/dancing for the heck of it. Oh, and is hilarious all of the time. She’ll lighten things up, bring out Simon’s funny side, and still probably be nice and gentle with the contestants. Look at that! Everybody wins!

Despite my growing cynicism of the show, I now definitely look forward to the new season, which begins early next year.


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