This week’s Mad Men: My Old Kentucky Home


Is it me, or does it feel like this season’s episodes have picked up the pace? The first two seasons really took their time with plot-points, the characters, and whatever bubble of activity they were in at the moment.  I guess now that so much is established it’s time for the show to punch through the 60s. Let’s get down to it, shall we?

**********************SPOILER ALERT so for the sake of Gertie from ET, I mean Sally Draper, don’t read the rest of this post if you don’t want to know what happened in Episode 3 of this season’s Mad Men*******************

“I am so stoned”…On this very special episode of Mad Men, Peggy tries drugs.  How great was Elizabeth Moss as a stoned Peggy? Brilliant! Anyway, its not the 50s anymore, and Peggy is really embracing this modern woman thing.  We want more! We want more! So Peggy, the  next time one of your male colleagues tells you to do something, like get a blender to make mixed drinks during a weekend work session, tell them to get it themselves!

Sticky-Fingers Sally...despite her cherub face, that Sally Draper is trouble! She stole $5.00 from Gramps when he wasn’t looking, and then the whole rest of the episode we held our breath waiting to see just what the hell was going to happen. This is one of the things I love about this show: the kids in it aren’t all cute and cuddly and say the darnedest things. They are mischievous, imperfect and experts at sad puppy dog eyes–you know, like REAL kids.  And it was nice to see Kiernan Shipka (Sally Draper) get the chance to hold her own, really showcase her incredible acting skills, rather than just be an accessory for Betty or Don. How authentic was that at the end when she threw the folded up $5.00 on the floor and then with her best little kid effort at being non-chalant, pointed it out. Sally saved the day!–with that quivering face of hers! But Grandpa knew she wasn’t innocent, and yet, despite stern looks he let it slide. Phew!

I’ll just help myself behind the bar, thanks! There was so much more to see at  Roger and Jane’s Kentucky Derby/Garden Party other then all those silly hats. Don is really uncomfortable around wealthy people, escaping to the bar inside the house where he fixed his own drink, while Betty, Pete and Trudy were right at home. Betty even got hit on by a handsome man, and she liked it! Harry and his wife, Jennifer, obviously not in the same social circles as the rest of the guests, were excluded somewhat and were awkward about the whole thing. More talent revealed: Pete and Trudy can dance! So, for the time being they are in-sync and finding ways to enjoy life other than fretting over having babies. BORING. But I guess Pete deserves a bit of a plot break for now. Jane got drunk, stumbled around and really showed how young she was, that she couldn’t hold her liquor like all the seasoned grown-ups around her. This annoyed Don, which prompted Roger to approach him. For the millionth time he proclaimed his happiness for marrying Jane and Don’s response, “No one thinks you are happy. They think you are foolish.” Hmmm, yes, well, wise words from a man who could have the same thing said to him. And Roger’s retort, “You know, that’s the great thing about a place like this [his sprawling Long Island estate], you can come here and be happy and you get to choose your guests.”  Ouch! Roger reminds Don that he has all the money and power, and that’s just one more thing to make Don feel trapped. A part of him wants that life because he didn’t have it, but he is so obviously uncomfortable with all the bullshit. When Don and Betty leave the party they share a tender embrace, the first real loving moment we’ve seen between the two of them in a long time. Thank you, Mad Men writers, we kind of needed that hug.

Looking ahead…next week’s episode is called “The Arrangements,” and will include some stuff at the Draper household between Don and Betty’s father. Also, one other thing that I didn’t really cover in this post is Joan…this is the marriage to watch right now…he’s got issues, she’s pretending not to notice them.  But this is JOAN we are talking about, she calls bullshit on everyone, so it’s bound to happen at some point that hubby gets called out too…at least that’s my wishful thinking.


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    Cindy So said,

    Spot on about weiner’s portrayal of the mischievous scheming nature that children often display. I wonder what weiner’s own upbringing was like? Is he portraying his own or even observed mischief in his siblings? I know his parents valued traditional education as a means for upward mobility – I wonder if that’s why his characters from such humble beginnings, get such rich, endearing portrayals? I loved connie’s statement about being a republican and wearing the cufflinks, but feeling like he has the head of a jackass – brilliant multiple reference as usual. Oh how I hope things work their way out for don, peggy and especially joan. Why must her Brando-looking husband constantly treat her like his ‘monkey playing the accordion’ act? I want to throw peanuts at him. Only those that truly respect her should get the privilage of calling her ‘joanie’!

  2. 2

    zeze said,

    Connie (so I’ve been reading) is Conrad Hilton. Hotelier, millionaire, ex-husband of Elizabeth Taylor. So much to look at in the details.

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