What would happen if you took “The Sims,” “I, Robot” and “The Matrix” and mixed it all together?


Ta-da!–you’d get that new Bruce Willis movie, Surrogates, which for weeks now has been taunting me with  those creepy posters of half-naked robots in seductive poses.

Anyway, Surrogates is  a sci-fi thriller where humans become completely home-bound and send out really, really attractive robots to do everything for them, and they watch/live through their experiences via digital robot-cams of some kind.   Something of course goes awry because Bruce Willis is in the movie and he needs to be heroic. And stay true to his bald self. It turns out that his robot surrogate has hair; and to be honest, he looks ridiculous.  He kind of resembles a thinner version of Homer Simpson, wearing a blond toupee.

And yes, despite the fact that Surrogates is essentially a film cocktail consisting of the “The Sims,” I, Robot and The Matrix, it looks mildly interesting, as far as robot movies go. It opens September 25, check out the trailer…


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