Mad Men Season 3 Premiere…


Recap and thoughts for Episode 1, Season 3: “Out of Town”******SPOILER ALERT********so for the love of Don Draper please skip this post if you don’t want to know what happened in last night’s episode********************

You can lead a horse to water…despite Betty being very pregnant, Don Draper is still up to his philandering ways. This episode involved a perky flight attendant.  Don, accompanied by Salvatore, made a trip to Baltimore to visit one of their clients, London Fog, and due to a late-night fire alarm and frantic climb down the fire escape, Don caught a glimpse of Sal’s room, where he and the hunky bell boy were scrambling for their clothes. Oops, busted! Poor Sal, he was thisclose to getting some action. I really wasn’t sure which way it was going to go with Don now knowing Sal’s secret. Don basically told Sal to be discreet through a little chat on the flight home about a new slogan idea he came up with for London Fog’s raincoats: “Limit your exposure” he proposed to Sal. And Sal’s response? “That’s it.”

That Matthew Weiner is clever!

He was also clever with that opening sequence…Don’s in the kitchen, heating up some milk, and in his foggy sleepy state, imagines his own birth, right there in the Draper kitchen. We learn how he got his name, apparently, the Dick part isn’t short for Richard, but instead due to a threat that his prostitute-mom-that-died-during-childbirth made to his dad. Think Lorena Bobbitt.  Obviously, Don is a little squeamish about pregnancies and babies being born and what not.

Divide and conquer…a big twist last night was the announcement that both Ken and Pete would be head of accounts. Ken in his usual happy-go-lucky state was thrilled, nothing was going to wipe the smile off his face, even Pete’s sour attitude.  Is it just me, or is Pete already being a bigger baby than last season? He and annoying Trudy are still together, so I got that one wrong. But back to the competitive/accounts story line, I can’t decide what’s going to happen with that 1) will Ken win out and drive Pete to a rival agency? or 2) will Pete win out and send Ken packing to L.A., based on my previous prediction? Or, as usual, am I so completely wrong and the entire season will have them duking it out?

Miscellaneous highlights…Peggy is a workaholic and doesn’t really like her secretary…Don is not the President (damn, wrong again!), instead it’s one of the chaps from PPL, the company that merged with them, and he has a male assistant, who is pretentious and looks a lot like Pete Campbell (Peggy calls him Moneypenny! I love that Peggy has become a cynical smart-ass!)…Joan went through with the marriage, and said she couldn’t wait to get out of Sterling Cooper/PPL, and my heart dropped.  Joanie, please don’t go!

Final thoughts…this season appears to promise more of the same, but a few deeper layers in to the psyche-madness of the Mad Men kids.  Things are unsettled at Sterling Cooper with the Brits in tow, but its good to see things have been shaken up, other than just the usual afternoon cocktail(s).

Next week’s episode, “Love Among the Ruins”…which promises more Betty, Peggy and Roger. Oh, goody!


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