Unemployment never looked sexier


Hollywood beckoned yesterday with an open casting call, and yours truly answered…along with anyone else willing to stand for hours, in 89 degree heat, for the chance to become famous.  Oh, did I mention that this open casting call was for a lucrative “background” part in the upcoming Sex and the City film sequel? Just so you know, “background” is a fancy word for “extra.”  No matter, every celebrity has to start somewhere, and for thousands of us, it was the sticky steamy streets of New York City, where we wound around for blocks, as our make-up melted away and our feet swelled.

The usual opportunists walked by, with pamphlets for head shots and sign-up sheets with various talent agencies; there were some kids from the BBC poaching the line for a new reality show in the works, “learn how to pamper yourself and pay your rent too!” hmmm, sounds lovely! …and a guy on a bike allegedly selling water (he kept shouting, “water! get your cold water!”), yet I never did catch a glimpse of said water.

The line went surprisingly fast! There were press kids everywhere, looking all determined with their microphones and cameras, and after we rounded the last corner before the entrance to the Metropolitan Pavilion (where our casting call dreams were waiting to come true!) came into view, a young woman polled the line for what brand of shoes were we wearing.  Two responses I heard were, “Target” and “Zara.”  I of course lied and said I was wearing “Dolce & Gabbana.”

Since there was so much to take in, here are some quick stats on the trends of the Sex and the City wannabes:


Small dogs: 3

Leather pants: 4

Handbags larger than a suitcase: 7

Iced coffees: 11

Sequined shirts/dresses: 9

[Smart] women who changed from flip-flops to killer heels: 14

Compliments I received from well-dressed young men: 1

Women with strollers: 2


Once we finally got inside the building, with it’s wooden floors, giant columns and eek! florescent lighting, it pretty much turned into a free-for-all corral station/casting pit and I was just sure I was going to get trampled or experience some kind of America’s Next Top Model riot situation. But guess what?!?  Sex and the City fans are POLITE! No one got rowdy; no confrontations or altercations, not even some finger snapping or excuse me’s with icy tones.  Incredible!

The climactic end…they periodically funneled us into another room, where the lighting was wonderful, and there were chairs! and a lady who looked exactly like Michelle Pfeiffer when she played the secretary/Cat Woman in Batman Returns, kindly spoke into a microphone and instructed us on what to do and where the exits were. We waited in our last line of the day, where we feverishly studied our compact mirrors for last-minute tweaks and powdered our noses (brilliantly, they didn’t have mirrors available, I imagine that alone sped up the process), to have our pictures taken, one at a time, and then it was “don’t call us, we’ll call you.”

So fingers crossed! …and I’ll keep you guys posted on my pending stardom, I’m expecting that call…any…minute…now!


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    Cindy said,

    Hahh, I love the pictures…you got some great shots! Especially the chic with the dog…classic.

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