Does the world really need another Bridget Jones movie?


Tinseltown says YES, I say NO…unfortunately, the suits won best 2 out of 3 in rock, paper, scissors, so guess what folks, we are getting another Bridget Jones movie.

Renee Zellweger will be putting her British accent to good use again, and of course, is expected to famously gain some weight (you know, look normal).  The alleged plot of the third installment has something to do with her trying to get pregnant, BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE, OMG.  Oh, for Pete’s sake!  If they are going to take the time to drag all this crap out again, then why don’t they do something more controversial, you know, shake things up…like perhaps,  some post-apocalyptic caper? Kind of like that other well-known, it takes-place-in-England-too, 28 Days Later, but with Bridge, limping down a desolate street, her Bunny costume ears bent all out of shape and her diary filled with incorrehant ramblings.  See, these are the things that would keep audiences interested.  I think this franchise really needs to step it up, earn some recognition for cinematic innovation, not just be shticky because the lead actress gets to eat Dunkin Donuts freely for a few months.  And quite frankly, it’s been five years since the last one came out, and in Hollywood years that’s like 60 years, so I think I’d rather see Renee put the “big knickers” to rest and come up with something more worthwhile.

Below is a clip from England’s version of “The View” (THIS EPISODE JUST AIRED TODAY, BRAND-SPANKING NEW TO THE INTERNETS!), where they debate the joy/damage Bridget Jones has brought to the female population and then try to out-do one another with their most “crushing” Bridget Jones-esque moments…enjoy!


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