The MJ Memorial Spectacle…


I swear I wasn’t going to watch, but then it was everywhere, and when Mariah Carey walked out, with her plunging neckline and sang, “I’ll Be There,” I was trapped in the web of morbid facination, and found myself watching the whole damn train wreck to the bitter end. Even participated in Gawker’s live-blogging.

Highlights…well, I don’t know if one could really say there were highlights, it was a memorial service after all, however, there were two speakers that I thought were most heart-felt.  First, Brooke Shields, who cried while recounting memories of her adolescent friendship with Michael; essentially, two child stars forced to adapt to an adult world, and the few times they were able to steal away and be kids again.  And then, of course, at the end, the most authentic and heart-breaking moment of the entire “event,” those attending at the Staples Center and those of us watching around the world held our breath as Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris,  gripped the microphone, and uttered, “…Daddy has been the best father you can imagine,” and “…I just wanted to say I love him so much.”  And for one minute we remembered that the world didn’t just lose one of the greatest entertainers in the history of pop culture, but that three young children had lost their father…

Anyway, the majority of the service was over-the-top, thanks to Al Sharpton’s usual ranting and raving, and Magic Johnson plugging Kentucky Fried Chicken, and there were some painful musical numbers.  Below are links to other analysis of yesterday’s service.  And if you missed the telecast, below are clips of Brooke and Paris.

King of Pop’s Little Princess, Paris Jackson, Brave in Spotlight… – NY Daily News/Michael Daly

Excess Rites All Wrong for Sicko Freak – NY Post/Andrea Peyser

Jackson’s Final Act: Sainthood – The Huffington Post/Sharon Waxman

The Ten Most Important Moments of the Michael Jackson Memorial Mess – Gawker/Richard Lawson

Michael Jackson Memorial Service as Normal as Can Be – Chicago Sun Times/Richard Roeper


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