Keep pumping the Oxygen, cause these kids are dancing their asses (and thighs and stomachs and flabby arms) off


It’s no secret, I’m kind of a sucker for the uplifting/inspiring/positive/turn-your-life around reality shows.  I can’t even get through a 30-second promo for NBC’s The Biggest Loser or ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition without blubbering all the way to my box of tissues.  Well, now the kids at Oxygen can join that list with their new dancing-weight-loss reality series, Dance Your Ass Off.

And yes, it is as entertaining as the title sounds.

Enthusiastic and determined, the 12 contestants, many of which definitely have larger-than-life personalities (see: Karla and Trice, just to name two),  shimmy their way through high-energy dance routines (the theme changes weekly) with professional (and very supportive) dance partners, in the hopes of losing the most weight and gaining the end-of-the-series cash prize of $100,000.  The show also includes a long-term educational focus, with the contestants learning how to prepare healthier foods and modify their eating habits/lifestyle.  And of course, this is when the tissue moments come out.

For those of you obsessed with the three judge format, yes, this show has that, AND BONUS, they have the token British judge, because, discovered through rigorous marketing research, Americans think that judges with British accents tend to be more authoritative/credible/the pompous thing is easier to rip on.

And hosting the show, you ask?  Well, none  other then the delightful Tony Award-winning actress, Marissa Jaret Winokur (Hairspray, DWTS), who I had the pleasure of chatting with (btw, one of the nicest celebs I’ve ever met…and I’ve met/worked with/casually followed down the street many celebs, so take my word, she’s one of the good ones).  Anyway, for you fans out there, her favorite kind of dancing, other than the Broadway/Fosse thing, is the tango.  Oh, and her plans to get back to Broadway?

“If anyone writes me a show I’ll go back!”

You hear that out-of-work Broadway writers?



Anyway, DYAO airs Monday nights at 10/9 PM, so go to the Oxygen website to find out more about the show and the contestants. And below is the premiere episode, in case you missed it…enjoy!


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    Eric said,

    I’m all for the turn your life around reality shows, but I can barely stomach this one – at least when they have the contestants doing splits…

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