…maybe ur doin it wrong?

my leg! oh, god, leg cramp!!!

my leg! oh, god, leg cramp!!!

Well, what will the kids think of next…you know that popular past-time, Air Guitar, where you lift your leg in the air and strum at it like it’s really an electric guitar? Yeah, well, how about a little Air S*x?  Yeah, that’s right, Air S-e-x…apparently, this is a hot trend for the not-so-shy peoples all over the nation…in fact there is a championship world tour going on right now.  Yes, my dear readers, there are “champions” of this…actually, it is quite the performance art and I imagine there could be other honors bestowed upon these gyrating thespians, it’s only a matter of time.

Here is the list of remaining “gettin’ lucky” cities, with the location of where the Air S*x will be occurring:

Fri 06/12 New York, NY Finals: Highline Ballroom
Sat 06/13 Toronto, ONT Finals: El Mocambo
Sun 06/14 Chicago, IL Finals: Logan Square Auditorium
Mon 06/15 Kansas City, MO Finals: The Record Bar
Wed 06/17 Salt Lake City, UT Finals: The Urban Lounge
Fri 06/19 Seattle, WA Finals: El Corazon
Sat 06/20 Portland, OR Finals: Dante’s
Sun 06/21 Vancouver, BC Finals: Location TBA
Wed 06/24 San Francisco, CA Finals: The Independent
Thu 06/25 San Diego, CA Finals: The Casbah
Fri 06/26 Los Angeles, CA Finals: The Echoplex
Sat 06/27/09 Tucson, AZ Finals: Location TBA
2009 World Finals: Date and time TBA

And words really can’t give this phenomenon justice. Yes, even my awesome words… so if you are compelled (and I know you are), then check out the video below.  NSFW.  I repeat: NSFW, and NSFHBE (Not Safe For Heavy Blushers Either). If you are still not satisfied (ha!) then check out the official website for more info on the tour.


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