Hey angry nurses, forgetaboutit…leave Carmela alone

Everybody’s favorite mob wife, Edie Falco, is now in a new Showtime series called Nurse Jackie. It’s intriguing enough, but let’s be honest, Edie will always be Carmela Soprano to me and that’s that. Regardless, I’m sure an edgy and controversial House-esque series on subscriber-only cable will appeal to lots of kids out there… and it helps that it’s kind of a slow “interesting TV” time right now.

Anyway, there is one scrubs-wearing group out there syringe-mad about the show: real-life nurses!

According to the NY Daily News, because Nurse Jackie pops vicodin and is unconventional in her professional/ethical ways, some of the nurses of America think that every citizen of this country will think that’s really how it is.  Well, it is, isn’t it??

Kidddddinnngggg…but seriously, c’mon, give us a bit more credit than that, please.  As Showtime so succinctly put it:

“This is a show of fiction, and its purpose, first and foremost, is entertainment,” said Stuart Zakim, vice president of corporate communications.

“We are confident the viewing public will understand that and can differentiate between a work of fiction and a documentary, which this clearly is not.”

Thank you, Showtime, for having faith in the American people…now those concerned nurses out there, I implore you to do the same. And please remember, it’s just TV, not life or death like you deal with everyday, right?? Sheesh.

On that note, here’s the first episode…


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