You would think they were in cahoots to take over the world…

…I’m talking about none other than Susan Boyle & playful puppies!

Every damn time I went online this weekend I was bombarded with links to overnight singing-sensation Susan Boyle’s early singing days and the video of the black and white puppy who likes to play hide-n-seek.

OMG, wake me up when this crap blows over.

I admit, I was on the Susan Boyle bandwagon when it first crossed my street corner.  But now that it is on a constant drive-by loop I am so over it.  I wish her luck and she deserves  major accolades for that voice, but sheesh, enough with the press overkill.  I guess the vulture-zombie-paparazzi are getting bored with the partying half-dressed celebridiots they usually cover.

…and then…

all the cute animal videos!  Again, I admit, I am totally a blubbering fool when it comes to clips of cats/dogs doing awesome things like singing, puking, swatting at toys, riding household appliances, but I don’t really need them to be right up there with real news alerts.  A dog playing hide-and-seek is not swine flu or the economic crisis!  It is a way to burn three minutes at work, not compete with breaking news coverage.


Oh, yeah, and Happy Monday.


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