Virus Epidemic Movie Round-Up

I’m thrilled and relieved to know that I am not the only deranged blogger on the planet.  With all this swine-flu* panic I figured my readers would want to be frightened even more by indulging in graphically-depicted virus epidemic/post-apocalyptic movie-watching.  I had hoped to get a list of such said cinematic triumphs up this morning and well, look what the mutated cat dragged in:

Eleven Visions of Life After the Great Epidemic

Feeling worried about the impending swine flu epidemic? Just to make you feel more panicked, we’ve put together a list of 11 movies that show what happens when humanity is attacked by unstoppable viruses.

Those sly kids at Gawker Media’s sci-fi site, io9 beat me to it and compiled a list of riveting epidemically-plotted movies, which I have linked here.  Awesome, they did all my work for me and now I can sit back and use the rest of my day to work on adding to my rubber-band ball and straightening out all my paperclips.  Thanks guys!

*Disclaimer: I don’t think the whole swine-flu thing is a laughing matter, however, I do think that we need to keep things in perspective, which is definitely one of Hollywood’s contributions to society–perspective–which is why I refer to films (primarily the blockbusters) often when I have concerns about things like viruses.


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    V. Dalpez said,

    Is anyone else out there old enough to remember the original Saturday Night Live cast? (Old person comment of the day “They just don’t make comedy like that any more!) The Killer Bees, led by the irrepressible and irrreplacable John Belushi did a skit revolving around that decade’s swine flu hysteria. First or second season I think. Well SF is back and, alas, Belushi isn’t.

    PS: I bet House will find a cure for it before the season is over and Mexico’s economy will be saved. Go House, go!

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