Pigs must be flying…

…or we are in an alternate universe or something, because Miley Cyrus and I actually agree on something: American Idol’s resident rocker-chick Allison Iraheta is AWESOME…

Allison ROCKS!  Miley Cyrus...not so much

Allison ROCKS! Miley Cyrus...not so much

Mentioned in a New York Post story that ran today, Miley Cyrus is rooting for Allison, and now the two have become texting buddies.

Sadly, Ms. Iraheta probably won’t win AI because marketing/style-wise she’s too similar to Kelly Clarkson, as far as comparing this year’s roster to previous AI winners. However, I have no doubt in my mind someone will pick her up after this season is over and she’ll do just fine on her own, without Coca-Cola’s, uh, Ford’s, er, gosh, I mean, American Idol’s help. That girl can SING! And she seems pretty cool/has her s**t together. Who the hell is/was ever that cool at 16?? NO ONE.

Anyway, want to know who is the odds favorite to win this season? Click here to find out.


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