Thanks MTV, but too little too late

mtvI’ve been complaining for years about the suits at MTV neglecting the music channel’s roots and eventually phasing out the music video format entirely. Instead they’ve provided dumbed-down and exploitive “reality” *cough (bull-shit), cough* programming for the last decade.

So now, a whole generation of youngsters have been deprived of hours upon hours of riveting and influential pop culture study based on life portrayed in back-to-back-to-back music videos. That’s right, I didn’t just grow up on television, I grew up on music television. Where music icons showed me how to dress, love, live and party. Now we get cameras following wannabe celebrities as they show up at malls, splash around in pools and fake-fall in love and then fake-break up. Blech!

Well, apparently someone at MTV got a clue/a hint of nostalgia and decided to bring back a video block, BUT from 3 AM-9 AM, Monday-Thursday. I’m sure they will reach a fair amount of viewers who are tired of the looping Time-Life CD collection infomercials that are offered throughout the pre-dawn hours, and of course the few kids who are able to watch TV and get ready for school at the same time–and still leave on time (not something I was ever able to achieve); yet, as pointed out in this NY Times article, why bother now since music is virtually at everyone’s finger tips, and the music video on television has become somewhat obsolete.

So, nice try MTV… maybe if you bring back “Remote Control,” the most underrated game show in television history, I’ll be a bit more impressed. Here is a clip of said game show where Adam Sandler, Colin Quinn, Kari Wuhrer, Alicia Coppola and Denis Leary got their start/made very early-career appearances. Enjoy! …


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