What is with NBC and the “Year of the Goodbye”



This whole year we’ve had it shoved down our throats how it’s the last season of “ER” (about time if you ask me!), and then on last night’s “The Office” and “30 Rock” we had two “see ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya’s!”

*****SPOILER ALERT******* Do not read past this line if you haven’t seen last night’s episodes and you don’t want to know what happened until you are done watching them via Hulu while your boss thinks you are preparing your TPS report*******************************************


So, Michael Scott, WHAT? Who knew it would come down to figs…anyway, last night’s cliffhanger on “The Office” with Michael saying buh-bye with a firm handshake was a bit unexpected, but then Jim, Dwight and Pam have all left at one time or another as well. Appears to be a bit of script recycling (which is trendy with everyone going green and all), but I think it’s safe to assume that Michael will be back to work at some point.


AND THEN…on “30 Rock,” Liz’s hottie (and mine too) Don Draper, I mean Drew, wobbly rode his motorcycle into the Manhattan sunset as Liz had come to dislike his “beautiful bubble” charmed life/ignorance is bliss schtick (Gatorade on salmon? How does Ms. Fey come up with this stuff? Man, she must be fun at parties, heck I bet she’s fun just hanging out in the bathroom), and tried to bring him into her world where people are mean and not everyone wins. Yeah, he wasn’t having any of that, so now she is single, again. I’m thinking this is just because it’s time for Drew to be hottie Don Draper again, and shoot the next season of “Mad Men,” which, of course…

I want to go to there.

Anyway, the television conspiracy theorists in me thinks this is just NBC subliminally trying to get us to tune into “ER’s” final episodes. They are the synergy network after all (somewhere Jack Donaghy is smiling). And while they are at it, maybe they should take the opportunity to say goodbye to all those annoying Howie Mandel shows and “Celebrity Apprentice.”


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    V. Dalpez said,

    Yes, I, for one, would gadly give Mandel and Trump good-by handshkes if they would ride away into the the sunset together on a motorcycle – oh but wait. Donald’s hair. . .

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