The comeback of the century…at the ripe old age of 27

britneyThe Circus is in town and our beloved Britney Spears is the ringleader! For reals!

The Spears’ camp has obviously kept electric razors and gas station bathrooms far away from Miss Brit as there has only been a slight murmur out there about her long-awaited tour that starts TODAY (in New Orleans) and WOW, no shenanigans to pump up the publicity?! That Daddy Spears means business!

I hope for the sake of all past/present/future fallen pop stars that all goes well with this comeback tour. Although I’m kind of disappointed that it doesn’t seem likely that the massive snake will be making an appearance. Remember that? So brave, that Britney…


Anyway, below is a clip of some rehearsal footage…it’s pretty much the same four dance moves in different costumes, but whatevs, that’s kind of how the kids do it these days. Check it out…


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    Kathryn said,

    I want to go to there.

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