What TV show has this woman NOT been on?

Maggie "The Chameleon" Siff

Maggie "The Chameleon" Siff

She first caught my attention during the first season of Mad Men, as Rachel Menken, the fiery department store heiress who showed Draper that ladies who are demanding and all business-y are sexy. After a few romps, things didn’t work out so much so then she ran into the arms of bad boy biker, Jax Teller on FX’s Sons of Anarchy. She played Tara Knowles, a doctor who had fled for the big city only to return to her dusty small town in Northern California, where she reunited with Jax (who looks/acts a lot like Heath Ledger, IMHO), her high school sweetheart. But then the season ended, and obviously Tara became bored with helping patients and riding around on motorcycles so then she went back in time, to 1973, to Life on Mars, where she became Maria, daughter of a police detective and voila, she happens to be sleeping with the the show’s protagonist, who’s name escapes me at the moment because Life on Mars is all kinds of confusing. All I do know is Michael Imperioli’s handle-bar mustache deserves an Emmy of it’s own.

Whatever, the point is this woman, who apparently goes by the name of Maggie Siff, is everywhere, and due to my exhaustive research, I have learned that she was also on Nip/Tuck. Oh, and Law & Order…but let’s be honest, who hasn’t been on that show (cue: “the town bicycle, everyone’s had a ride”). Anyway, I just want her to know somebody is on to her morphing ways. I’ll keep you updated on the next Siff spotting…stay tuned.


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