Predicting the Oscar winners: educated guesses are so overrated

Yes, its true, Wolverine will host this years Academy Awards

Yes, it's true, Wolverine will host this year's Academy Awards

Hey, I almost forgot, the Oscar’s are this Sunday! Red carpet fashion disasters, significant others missing from acceptance speeches, overly-eager seat-fillers, oh the drama of it all!!

I just perused over this year’s nominees, and holy cow, I am way, way, way behind on my Oscar screenings. I’ve only seen Wall-e (up for a few awards), Tropic Thunder (best supporting actor, Downey Jr.) and The Dark Knight (best supporting actor, Ledger). All blockbusters; I completely flaked on all the uplifting/powerfully moving indies. What the hell is wrong with me??

(Oh, I don’t know…could it be that it costs $12+ to go to the freaking movies these days?!)

Well, regardless, let’s celebrate Oscar week anyway, with my picks for who will win…oh, and I’m only going to go with the actor/actress noms because that is all the patience I have AND they always have the most entertaining speeches. Everybody else just thanks a laundry list of film people that no one really knows/cares about. Anyway, here are my stellar predictions:

Best Actress: Winslet…this hot cookie is so way overdue for an Oscar win. Also, could be Melissa Leo (Frozen River) because the Academy likes to throw in a wild card every now and again and screw everybody up on their office Oscar pool.

Best Supporting Actress: My instinct is to go with Tomei but let’s be honest she plays the hooker with a heart of gold in like every film she’s ever been in. So, it’s going to be between the endearing Adams and the sassy Cruz.

Best Actor: Sean Penn because he’s the one everyone hates to love/loves to hate…or Mickey Rourke because Hollywood lives on comebacks.

Best Supporting Actor: Brolin–the guy is just good, and has shown such remarkable improvement since Goonies. But it will probably go to Ledger, who certainly deserves it, but will get it because the Academy feels guilty that they didn’t give it to him for Brokeback Mountain (and when he was alive).

BONUS ROUND–Best Film: Alright, you convinced me to give this one a shot, even though I haven’t seen ANY of the contenders. (Drumroll…)….I’m going to go with Slumdog Millionaire because…the title is awesome and…doesn’t star Angelina Jolie and/or Brad Pitt.



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