TV pilot season…prepare for take-off, or maybe not

Yes, I know this picture doesn't really have anything to do with this post, with the exception of the word "pilot" ...but it's cute so who cares?

Yes, I know using this picture is a bit of a stretch...but it's cute so who cares?

Some interesting news for fellow TV addicts out there: Gawker posted a list of TV shows that have been given the go-ahead to shoot the pilot. Don’t forget that most of these kids won’t make it past the pilot screening with the execs, and then another portion of those that do won’t make it through an entire season. Sometimes the formula works (Lost, 30 Rock!) and sometimes crap just manages to slither through the cracks (Shark, Lipstick Jungle).

Anywho, here’s my quick summary of the list: lots of the same stuff that’s been done/currently on–female leads who either try to have it all and/or suck at relationships, lawyer shows, and post-apocalyptic arcs…a remake of Ab Fab (enough with this!–when did American television producers become so obsessed with ripping off the British?)… Lorelei Gilmore, er, I mean, Lauren Graham is coming back to TV…and the pilot that time forgot: a series based on the movie Parenthood (yes, the 1989 movie that starred Steve Martin…guess that proposal must have fallen behind the copier or whatever and remained there for the last two decades).

But the glimmer of hope you ask? Well I say Boldly Going Nowhere by the kids behind It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Not sure what that means for Sunny, but I’m cool with new material from these guys. The description: “Centering on the crew of a spaceship, which is led by a rogue captain. The stories explore what happens between the adventures and how the crew member take care of daily routine things on the spaceship.” Sounds like fun.

Click here if you want to check out the entire list.


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    Kathryn said,

    I think that cat landed my last flight!! I knew I was not crazy.

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