Is it bad that I’m kind of obsessed with Chuck Bass?

I mean...need I say more?

I mean...need I say more?

He undoubtedly has the best lines on Gossip Girl…heck, he has the best lines on all of the WB–er, oops, I mean the “CW.” I’m referring to the endlessly smugging, painfully arrogant and totally smokin’ Chuck Bass (portrayed masterfully by someone named Ed Westwick, but that doesn’t really matter).

I’m a tad behind on this revelation…that I’m obsessed with Chuck Bass…because the new season of Gossip Girl premiered Monday (I know, I’m in complete agreement, I have been seriously slacking lately…I fully blame all the cookies and booze I consumed last month). Anyway, for those of you who haven’t watched the premiere, it was pretty good, definitely got things started for the new season (if you want to read a very entertaining run-down, then click here). But most importantly, Chuck still lights up the screen no matter what he’s doing: squinting at Blair, guzzling amber-shaded liquor, or hanging out on plush sofas.

Below is a brilliant montage of Chuck Bass’ infamous–and often enlightening if you ask me–quotes that a fellow fan kindly produced. Enjoy!


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