Kind of sucks to be Best Buy right now…

axl-roseAs if things weren’t bad enough for U.S. retailers, with the sagging economy and frigid temps and blizzards keeping shoppers away…those kids over at Best Buy are really not having a jolly good time as their high-hopes in Guns N’ Roses’ come-back fell short. Like, nearly a million copies short.

After devoting lots and lots of dollars for the exclusive rights to sell the CD, Chinese Democracy, Guns N’ Roses’ first album in over a decade, well let’s just say the endeavor brought with it the sounds of crickets rather than an anticipated cha-ching! cha-ching! because in the first two weeks only 318,000 albums had been sold (Best Buy had stocked up with 1.3 million copies). Everyone has an excuse: blah, blah, blah, but in the end the already-troubled Best Buy looks incompetent (since Wal-Mart had a similar deal with AC/DC’s release of their latest album, and sold over a million copies in the first two weeks) and as far as GNR? Well, let’s refer to lead man Axl Rose’s expert opinion (an excerpt from The Wall Street Journal):

“Chinese Democracy” generated its share of publicity, thanks in part to the negative reaction Mr. Rose’s album title elicited from the Chinese government. But while AC/DC did its part to ensure its album’s success — it granted dozens of magazine interviews, and 50-something guitarist Angus Young put on his iconic schoolboy outfit for another world tour — Mr. Rose went AWOL.

The reclusive singer declined interviews with Rolling Stone and the New York Times, according to people familiar with the matter. He also didn’t complete a music video in time to promote “Chinese Democracy”….during a question-and-answer session on a fan Web site last week, Mr. Rose remarked that “it very well could be true” when a questioner suggested his detachment was hurting sales. But, he added, “What I have to say a lot of people have no desire to hear.”

Well, there you have it…guess the Best Buy kids should have done a bit more research rather than spent that fateful brainstorming meeting reminiscing about the good old days of the early ’90s, and how awesome Axl Rose was.


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