Fun Fact Friday

Some awesome fake rich kids

Pictured, left-to-right: Some awesome fake rich kids

Here’s this week’s Fun Fact Friday: if you are a member of a super wealthy family and said family has always been painfully obvious about keeping a low-profile/not chatting about the family biz then it’s probably not a good idea to blab to your friend for his lame-o documentary about what it’s like to be from a wealthy family. I’m just saying…’cause that very thing happened to a young woman by the name of Nicole Buffett, granddaughter of one, mega-rich gramps, the illustrious Warren Buffett. Mr. Buffett was severely disappointed that she agreed to be interviewed for “The One Percent,” where she spoke of her grandfather, and without his prior knowledge/approval. So, of course he disowned her, because that’s what rich people do. And NOW she has to get by the really, really hard way–ON HER OWN! Can you imagine??

Those resourceful journos at Marie Claire have the full story here, and thanks to them we have all learned a very valuable lesson…and below is a trailer for the (very) forgettable documentary…


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