Finally, after almost four decades, the moment I’ve been waiting for

priceIn case you missed it, major history was made on daytime television last week…someone actually bid the exact amount on The Price is Right’s much-coveted Showcase Showdown (that’s the big finale at the end of the show, you know, that they spin the big wheel to get to). According to my sources, this has never happened before (yes, I find that very hard to believe myself, as it is painfully obvious that only the top most brilliant and savvy consumers are allowed to be contestants).

Anyway, here is the clip…but any admiration I ever had for Drew Carey (the new host, took over for Bob “Debonair” Barker) has slithered away as he could not be any less excited over this momentous occasion. I mean, c’mon, what kind of GAME SHOW HOST doesn’t freak out over something as awesome as this? Something that only happens once every 40 years? Drew is clearly way too jaded for this gig–BRING BACK BARKER!!


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